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Sustainable Communities for a Brighter Future

How Sustainable Communities Can Create Opportunities for Small Businesses

In order to understand the benefits of doing business in a sustainable community, it's essential to understand how the cycle of sustainability works. Some communities try to promote sustainable living

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How to Be More Sustainable Through Energy-Efficient Practices

As communities and businesses seek to become more sustainable by reducing energy use, here are practical ways to become more energy efficient.

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Implementing Energy-Efficiency Changes... What's Next?

With a new program or policy, monitoring progress is a key way to identify bugs. Working closely with your energy management team and actively listening to any concerns they have along the way will

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Funding Sources for Energy-Efficiency Projects

Funding energy efficiency projects can often be costly. Learn about loan and grant programs that can fund your projects.

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Get Recognized for Energy-Efficiency and Sustainability Programs

Make sure your Energy Management Team gets the recognition it deserves. Learn all the ways you can award your team for their energy-efficiency initiatives.

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How to Conduct a Commercial Energy Audit

Understanding how much energy your organization uses is key to beginning your energy management plan. Here is how to conduct a energy audit.

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Making a Commitment to Improve Energy Efficiency

Not sure if your organization can commit to energy-saving initiatives? Here are ways your Energy Management Team can commit to improving energy efficiency.

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Identifying Energy Usage and Benchmarks for Your Building

High energy bills can be common for municipal and commercial buildings. Learn how to identify your energy usage by using the ENERGY STAR© Portfolio Manager.

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Create an Energy Management Plan

Beginning energy-efficient initiatives in your community or organization can seem like a daunting project but don’t have to be. As with any project, planning is everything. Here we would like to give

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Building an Energy Management Team

Achieving your organization's energy goals will require more than one person. Learn how to create an Energy Management Team.

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