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Identifying Energy Usage and Benchmarks for Your Building

By NOPEC on October 9, 2019

High energy bills can be common for municipal and commercial buildings. To gain control of your building's energy usage and help combat rising energy prices you'll need to have a better understanding of how much energy your organization is using.  

The ENERGY STAR© Portfolio Manager is an interactive resource that allows you to track and manage water and energy usage across all your buildings. All you have to do is enter your consumption data, cost information, and operational usage details into the calculator, and the manager will create over 100 trackable metrics. Some buildings may receive an ENERGY STAR score from 1-100. This score compares your building's energy performance to similar buildings nationwide.  Use them to compare your building's performance year-by-year and pinpoint areas where your organization could save energy.  Learn more about ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager here

Ready to get started?  Create a free ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account today.

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