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Tips to lower your energy costs: Check out our energy savings center, here

We offer competitive rates to help your community save.

Get the savings and benefits enjoyed by over 200 Ohio communities.

We've saved Ohio residents and small businesses hundreds of millions of dollars on their energy costs.

Learn more about our governmental opt-out electric and natural gas aggregation programs and how to become a NOPEC community.

Your neighbors are NOPEC communities too

  • hundreds of thousands of customers
  • 200+ communities
  • hundreds of millions of dollars in savings


NOPEC makes it easy to become a member community.

Our relationship managers will guide you through the entire process.

We help your mayor or trustees put an issue on the ballot so you and your neighbors can vote on whether you’d like your town to adopt a governmental opt-out natural gas and/or electric aggregation program.We even prepare community leaders to field questions about NOPEC, and have sample legislation language to help you get the ball rolling. 

Member Community Benefits

Explore our exclusive money-saving and energy-saving programs.

Community Outreach

Community Event Sponsorship Program
NOPEC provides financial support to organizations within member communities to host events which are available to all residents.

Block the Knock
Many door-to-door energy companies just want to get your residents to sign on the dotted line. NOPEC will never pressure residents or businesses to sign up with NOPEC, and there's no sales pitch.

Community Outreach Program
NOPEC spends time in member communities visiting senior centers, libraries and community events to talk with residents about energy and how to save on their utility bills.

NOPEC Energy Bike
NOPEC’s Energy bike is free for a demo in any of our member communities. Call Courtney Freyhauf, NOPEC's Community Outreach Manager, at 440-249-6114 today to schedule an energy bike presentation in your community!

Community Resources

Community Toolkit
Community leaders get access to ready-to-use content to share with residents and answers to frequently asked questions about NOPEC and energy aggregation.

Funding Main$pring
Each month, we send information on funding or grant program available in your community. Looking for a specific funding opportunity? Let us know and we'll look into it.

Preferred Pricing Program
Member communities can buy electricity and natural gas for their municipal loads at cost. That means your government gets the absolute best pricing available from NOPEC. 


Relationship Managers
Each NOPEC member community has a dedicated relationship manager that works with community leaders to ensure they get the most out of their membership in NOPEC's aggregation program.

Energy Advisor Program
An expert analysis of your natural gas and electric bills to identify the most beneficial rates and options available to your community.


Energy-Efficiency Funding

NOPEC Energized Community Grants
Grants for NOPEC communities to implement energy savings or energy infrastructure measures.



Energy Efficiency Financing
Up-front, fixed-rate financing options for energy-efficiency projects allows commercial property owners to use the savings generated by improvements to help pay back the loan. 


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