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To enroll, you actually don't have to do anything.

How easy is that?

Good news! If your community is a NOPEC member, you may already be enrolled.

All eligible residential and small business accounts within a NOPEC member community are automatically enrolled in NOPEC's natural gas and/or electric aggregation program. Unless you choose to opt out, you'll receive exclusive utility rates negotiated specifically for NOPEC customers. Click here to see if you live in a NOPEC member community.


If you are new to NOPEC, you may receive a letter from your utility company confirming that NOPEC is your energy supplier. There is nothing you need to do, and there will be no disruption of your service. Your utility company will continue to deliver your gas and/or electricity.


It's Easy to Enroll with NOPEC

  1. Eligible residents that live in a NOPEC community are automatically enrolled in the aggregation. If you are with another energy supplier but would like to receive the many benefits that NOPEC provides, call to find out about enrolling today.

    Call 855-667-3201 to Enroll
  2. Once enrolled, you may receive a letter from your utility company confirming that you’ve made the change. Your energy services will not be disrupted in any way when making the switch, and there are no extra steps required on your end – how easy is that?
  3. Congratulations, you're enrolled in NOPEC!
  4. Look for NOPEC savings on your bill.

NOPEC is NOT an extra charge on your utility bill.

Utility bills are split into two costs, the supply charge and the transmission fee. NOPEC uses its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower supply rates. This shows up on your bill as the supply charge and covers the cost of the energy that you used. The transmission fees come from your utility for delivering the energy to your home or business.

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9 Reasons to Enroll

With other electric and gas suppliers to choose from, you may be asking, why should I enroll with NOPEC? 

Well, for starters, you may already be enrolled if you live in a NOPEC community. That means you're one of over 950,000 customers in 240+ communities within 20 Ohio counties that have voluntarily chosen NOPEC as their supplier.

If you are not currently a NOPEC customer and would like to enroll, or are wondering why you should stay enrolled, here are the 9 reasons why residents stay with NOPEC.

As an aggregator, we provide:

  1. Competitively Priced Natural Gas and Electric Rates Because We Buy in Bulk to Help Lower Your Bills
  2. No Tricky Contracts
  3. Plenty of Pricing Options to Choose From
  4. Flexibility to move to the NOPEC rate plan that works for you, without penalties or fees.
  5. 24/7 Customer Service
  6. Peace of Mind in a Volatile Market
  7. Energy Saving Tips, Articles, and Home Maintenance Reminders
  8. Do Not Knock Program to Prevent Unwanted Door-to-Door Solicitors
  9. Energy Connection Newsletter with Energy Tips and a Chance to Win Energy Efficient Prizes

Call to Enroll Today!

Call 855-667-3201 to Enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

You should check with your current supplier to determine any early termination fees that may be a part of your contract with them. If you decide to leave before the end date of your contract you may be subject to those fees.  Then call NOPEC at 855.667.3201 to get enrollment information.

As a NOPEC customer, you pay for the electricity or natural gas supply that you use. There are no additional fees. NOPEC receives no public funds, and its member communities are not charged any dues or fees. The chair and members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation. NOPEC’s administrative expenses, such as the cost of the opt-out mailings, staffing, and expenses, are paid by fees from the energy suppliers. The budget is approved once a year by the General Assembly. 

The terms and conditions can be found on the back of your enrollment letter.

When a community joins NOPEC, all eligible accounts within that community are automatically enrolled as a part of the aggregation program, unless a resident chooses to opt-out by returning the opt-out form enclosed with their enrollment letter.

Contact our customer care line at 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC-01) to find out about budget billing.

If you received an enrollment letter in the mail, you can return the included opt-out form to opt-out of the aggregation program.  If you have questions, you can also call our customer care line at 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC-01).

There are several reasons why some customers may not have received an opt-out notice:

  • Customers may have previously signed a notice from the utility that prohibits them from releasing a customer’s information to independent suppliers.
  • Customers may be under contract with another supplier and are not eligible.
  • Customers may have been inadvertently excluded from the database acquired from the utility.

Customers also may be ineligible because they are on a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)or are not current in a payment plan with the utility. Customers who did not receive a notice and want to join NOPEC should call 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC01).

The NOPEC Enrollment Letter

What is the letter?

The letter you received is an enrollment letter and includes a form to opt-out of NOPEC's services if desired. You'll receive this enrollment letter every 3 years for electric accounts and every 2 years for natural gas.

Why are you receiving this letter?

Because you're a part of a NOPEC community. When a community joins NOPEC, all eligible residential and small business accounts within that community are automatically enrolled as a part of the energy aggregation program. To opt-out, you must return the opt-out form enclosed with the enrollment letter.

What should you do with this letter?

You have two options: do nothing and let NOPEC negotiate lower electric rates and gas rates exclusively for you, or, opt-out. If you choose not to stay enrolled with NOPEC, then just return the opt-out form included with your enrollment letter to opt-out of the program, but there's plenty of reasons to stay!

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