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Get Recognized for Energy-Efficiency and Sustainability Programs

By NOPEC on October 9, 2019

Sustainability initiatives and energy-efficiency programs are an integral part of becoming an innovative business, organization, or community. However, like any project, it can feel like a mundane part of every-day work. An important part of the process is letting your organization or community know that their success is recognized, and their efforts valued.

Awards and Accolades

For small businesses, a recognition dinner might be all that you need. Plaques, certificates, or even a trophy can be an amazing way to give your employees a tangible reassurance that you recognize their efforts. For example, Harvard University used to hold a Green Carpet Awards ceremony to recognize its sustainability leaders.

Another option is to apply to have your program recognized by a leader in sustainability. The Business Intelligence Group offers yearly recognition for sustainability efforts through awards for leadership, initiative, products, services, and champions and heroes of the sustainability industry.

The Department of Energy (DOE) also offers sustainability awards for sustainability champions, strategic partnerships, projects, and innovations. In 2020 they are also adding an HPC/Data Center Sustainability Award. To learn more about the awards categories, or how to apply, visit the sustainability performance office webpage. 

For community-wide initiatives, the American Planning Association (APA) offers national awards for those who support sustainable communities. Look to the APA award nomination page to learn more about the process. Last year Cleveland, a NOPEC community, won the 2018 Community Sustainability or Resilience Plan award with the city’s climate action plan.

Community and Conversation

The entire community benefits when you make a focus on sustainable growth, let them know how you are making a difference!

Awards aren’t the only way for a sustainability project to gain recognition; local news outlets are a great way for you to spread the word. Write a press release, or even just a small pitch for local reporters. Remember to include data. If you are replacing 2,000 incandescent bulbs in your community center, that is a huge accomplishment. It can be hard to judge just how large these initiatives are for those unaccustomed to your organization.

And lastly, make sure you’re sharing the good news with your friends and family. By doing this you aren’t only congratulating yourself but are encouraging others in your community to do the same! They might even want to get involved or start their own initiative!

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