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3 Little-Known Ways NOPEC Looks Out for You

Want to know some ways that NOPEC looks out for you? Visit our site to learn more about NOPEC and the aggregate communities.

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How To Efficiently Heat Your Home And Keep The Electric Bill Down

This week we posted reviews about two energy monitors, the Kill-A-Watt EZ and the TP-Link Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring.  Today we are sharing the results of the third device we tested… And it’s

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Give Thanks, While Keeping Your Electric Bill Low

It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s favorite day of feasting and giving thanks is right around the corner. We all can’t wait to sit down and carve that tasty turkey with our loved ones. But

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Our Favorite Energy Monitoring Device

Want to know what our favorite energy monitoring device is? Come check out our latest blog post to find out!

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Energy Monitor Test #2

Check out the results from testing the TP-Link Smart Plug!

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Which Energy Monitoring Device is Right For You?

Testing 3 energy monitoring devices, we discovered which device is best for you!

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Find out How NOPEC helps you save

Watch NOPEC's Executive Director, Chuck Keiper, on Lakeside Today as he describes how NOPEC can help residents and businesses save on electric and natural gas.

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Tips for an Eco-friendly Halloween

Holidays are so much fun. And no holiday is more fun than Halloween. Here are some tips for an eco-friendly Halloween.

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How to choose the right light bulb...

Ever wonder which light bulb you should be using? Watch this Light Bulb Buying Guide to find out.

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NOPEC PACE Financing to Save Mantaline Corporation $19,000 Per Year in Energy and Maintenance Costs

Want to learn more about NOPEC PACE financing? Visit our blog to see how it can save you on your yearly energy costs.

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