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Tips to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

Have you come up with your New Years Resolutions? We've come up with some great tips for successfully sticking to 3 top New Year's resolutions.

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Is there a phantom in your house?

Did you know your appliances use power even when they are turned off? Learn more about ways to save on your energy bills.

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Go from Naughty to Nice: Switch from Traditional Bulbs to LED’s

He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s going to find out who’s using LED lights. As you plan to decorate your home this holiday season, consider using light-emitting diodes. According to

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Affordable Outdoor Light Timers

Learn about how to save money on your electric bill this holiday season by using a holiday light timer. Plus, have a chance to get your own timer in the myNOPEC store!

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3 Little-Known Ways NOPEC Looks Out for You

Want to know some ways that NOPEC looks out for you? Visit our site to learn more about NOPEC and the aggregate communities.

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How To Efficiently Heat Your Home And Keep The Electric Bill Down

This week we posted reviews about two energy monitors, the Kill-A-Watt EZ and the TP-Link Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring.  Today we are sharing the results of the third device we tested… And it’s

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Give Thanks, While Keeping Your Electric Bill Low

It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s favorite day of feasting and giving thanks is right around the corner. We all can’t wait to sit down and carve that tasty turkey with our loved ones. But

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Our Favorite Energy Monitoring Device

Want to know what our favorite energy monitoring device is? Come check out our latest blog post to find out!

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Energy Monitor Test #2

Check out the results from testing the TP-Link Smart Plug!

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Which Energy Monitoring Device is Right For You?

Testing 3 energy monitoring devices, we discovered which device is best for you!

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