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How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

By Rachel Duthie on August 11, 2020

Your backyard pool is the go-to destination for rest and relaxation during hot summer days. But when you receive your utility bill, it’s hard to feel anything but stressed. Pools can skyrocket your energy costs, leaving you to question whether or not your outdoor oasis was worth the investment.

A pool is not just a body of water; it is an intricate machine that requires mass amounts of energy to stay functional and sanitary. However, through best practices and routine maintenance, homeowners can save energy and money on their pool.

In this article, we explore the benefits of increasing your pool’s efficiency, as well as ways you can make your pool more energy efficient.

Benefits of Increasing Pool Efficiency

Creating an energy efficient pool may require a high upfront cost at first, but it will lead to increased savings and a smaller environmental footprint in the long run. Learn the benefits of increasing the energy efficiency of your pool.

  • Cut Utility Costs: Pools require massive amounts of energy to function properly. According to Pooled Energy, pools account for 30-40% of your household energy consumption. By improving the energy efficiency of your pool, you’ll see smaller utility bills for years to come.
  • Reduce Energy Waste: A majority of your pool’s heat loss occurs on the surface through evaporation. Investing in protective equipment, such as a pool cover, can significantly curb water loss and increase overall efficiency.
  • Tax Incentives and Rebates: Ohio homeowners are eligible to receive tax incentives and rebates for purchasing energy efficient pool appliances. Learn more here.

How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Owning a pool does not mean you have to be the victim of higher utility bills. Follow these tips to learn how you can make your pool more energy efficient.

Install a Variable Use Pool Pump

According to ENERGY STAR, an inefficient pool pump could be your home’s second largest energy user, costing as much as $560 in energy each year. An energy-efficient, variable speed pool pump slows down the speed of the motor, making your pump quieter and more eco-friendly. Click here for a list of ENERGY STAR-certified variable speed pool pumps.

Minimize Evaporation

Evaporation is one of the largest sources of energy loss for pools. Excessive wind only makes the evaporation worse, causing you to lose water you already paid to heat and sanitize. Follow these tips to reduce water and heat loss due to evaporation.

  • Install Windbreakers: Adding shrubs, trees, fences, or other windbreak material can significantly lower the heat loss from the pool while it’s open. However, make sure your windbreak is high enough and close enough to the pool so that it doesn’t create turbulence over the pool and increase evaporation.
  • Buy a Pool Cover: Not only do pool covers reduce cleaning time by keeping out dirt and debris, but they also protect your water from being evaporated. Make sure there is a cover on your pool when it’s not in use.

Reduce Heat

Conserve energy by setting your pool to the recommended temperature of 78 degrees. Anything above that can increase your energy bills by 10-15 percent, so proceed cautiously when dialing up.

Absolutely need it to be warmer? Increase the temperature during peak swimming times and then lower it once pool time is over.

Upgrade to LED Lights

Upgrade your pool’s interior lights with LED bulbs, which are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than incandescents. In fact,  it only takes $30 to light an LED for 25,000 hours, compared to $169 for incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also tend to allow for more customization with colors and lighting effects.

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