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10 Ways to Instantly Lower Your Electricity Bill

By NOPEC on April 20, 2020

Saving money on electricity bills means changing the way we perform everyday tasks in our home. Even little things, like closing the curtains, can make a major impact on both your energy usage and utility costs. Follow these ten easy, no-cost tips to instantly save on your electricity bill:

Wash Laundry in Cold Water

Did you know that 90% of the energy you use to do laundry goes to heating the water? Since the Department of Energy changed the hot water use energy standards, manufacturers have been
changing their washers over the last 15 years to become much better at cleaning in lower temperatures. Detergent enzyme formulas have also adapted to these lower temperatures, working more efficiently in colder water.

Now, using warm and hot water isn’t even necessary to clean your family’s daily laundry. And if you have an electric water heater, you will save so much money washing your laundry in cold water that you’ll wonder why you ever used hot water.

Close the Curtains

Doing something as simple as closing your curtains, shades or blinds as the sun sets can save up to 10% heat from escaping your home. It’s important to keep them open during the day when the sun isn’t hot in order to naturally warm your house without using electricity.

However, if the sun is shining and hot, make sure your curtains are closed to prevent your air conditioning from working unnecessarily to cool your home down. For extra savings, use blackout curtains to keep light and heat out during the summer and save up to 25% on thermal energy loss during cold months.

Don’t Use the Oven

Considering that electric ovens cost up to $0.16 an hour to use, there are more affordable ways to make that meal than using your oven. Cooking at least one item for dinner (like a potato) in your microwave can use up to 75% less electricity than your conventional oven. And if you have a toaster oven, the savings are even greater. Your toaster oven costs only $0.03 an hour to use!

Throw in the Towel

Laundry can seem never-ending. And all that laundry leads to higher energy costs, especially if you have an electric dryer. A simple hack to dry your clothes faster is to throw a dry, fluffy towel in with your next load of clothes. The towel helps to absorb excess moisture and dry the load quicker. But be sure to remove it after about 15-20 minutes of drying or else a damp, wet towel can actually extend your drying time.

Take Shorter Showers

An average shower uses roughly 5 gallons of water. Over the course of a year, that’s more than 25,000 gallons per person to shower. Just imagine how much money that is to heat up all that water for warm showers! Studies show that if just 2 people in a household cut their showers short by 2 minutes each, they could save almost $75 a year on water heating costs.

Clean Air Filters

Every three months, you should take the time to clean your home’s filters if you want to save on electrical bills. Vigilant home maintenance will ensure your home’s systems are running properly and efficiently, therefore saving you money and your equipment. Remove your furnace filters to make sure they’re clean and free of debris. And don’t forget to clean your dryer vent filter after every single load. Not only will this save you money, but a clogged dryer filter is a serious fire hazard.

Turn On Fans

So everyone knows that using a ceiling fan in the summer can help keep you stay cooler and save you money on your electrical bill because you’re not running your air conditioner as much. However, many don’t know that using your fan in the winter can also save you money. In fact, simply by changing the direction of your fan, you can see the electrical savings year-round.

Handwash Dishes

Handwashing your dishes sound like it would waste less electricity, right? Actually, most experts agree that using an energy-efficient dishwasher is less expensive than washing your dishes by hand. Not only does it waste less water, but it also cuts down on electricity usage because you’re saving money on electricity than you would’ve used to heat that water.

Clean Underneath the Refrigerator

Cleaning under your fridge can be a pain, but not doing it can lead to wasted electricity and potential damage. When your refrigerator coils get dirty, refrigerant going through the coils doesn’t lose heat easily. And that causes your refrigerator to run less efficiently and more often. It can also make your refrigerator compressor overheat, which can cause your compressor to completely stop working. So while it may be annoying, cleaning under your fridge is a necessity for electrical savings and proper maintenance.

Buy Smart Plugs

Leaving unnecessary lights and appliances is a major drain on electricity bills. That’s why smart plugs are so great when you’re looking to keep your energy consumption down as well as save some money. Smart plugs are great additions to any home. They let you turn lights and other electrical devices on and off with just an app, saving you time and money.

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