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National Consumer Protection Week: NOPEC’s Commitment to Empowering Energy Consumers

Discover how NOPEC is celebrating National Consumer Protection Week by advocating for consumer rights and providing essential resources for navigating the energy market.

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Understanding Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): A Quick Guide

Explore the world of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in this quick guide. Discover how RECs work, their environmental impact, and the benefits they bring to those heading toward a more sustainable future.

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How To Light Up Your Backyard on A Budget

Want to enjoy evenings in your backyard without breaking the bank? Here are five inexpensive ways to light your yard!

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What Is the Inflation Reduction Act and What Does It Mean for Me?

In 2022, the U.S. government signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law – marking our nation’s largest investment in clean energy. Here's what that means for you.

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What's Causing Increasing Energy Rates?

Learn why energy rates are increasing and what you can do to keep yours down.

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How to Safely Use a Portable Generator During a Power Outage

If you’re considering purchasing a generator for your home, we can help you determine the best one for your needs and how to operate it safely.

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Average Homeowner’s Gas and Electric Bills in Ohio

Find out what the average homeowner pays for natural gas and electricity utility bills in Northeast Ohio.

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Why is NOPEC on My Utility Bill?

We break down the benefits of NOPEC energy aggregation, why you were automatically enrolled in the program, and how your participation impacts your monthly utility costs and your community.

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Average Commercial Gas and Electric Bills in Ohio

Unless your business is completely off the grid, you should probably want to plan a monthly budget around utility bills for gas, electricity, internet, water, cable, etc. The average electricity use

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How Much Energy Do Home Appliances Use?

Appliances can be the greatest contributors to your energy bills. From the kitchen to the laundry room, find out the energy usage for your household appliances.

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