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National Consumer Protection Week: NOPEC’s Commitment to Empowering Energy Consumers

By NOPEC on March 7, 2024

In the fast-paced world of energy consumption, understanding your rights and making informed decisions is crucial. As we celebrate National Consumer Protection Week, NOPEC's dedication to safeguarding consumer rights and fostering informed decision-making stands firm. Join us in commemorating this week by highlighting some of NOPEC's advocacy efforts and resources tailored toward empowering energy consumers. 


Making Informed Decisions: Comparing Energy Offers

Navigating energy offers can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. NOPEC provides consumers with resources like our guide on “How to Compare Energy Offers,” to simplify the process and enable them to make informed decisions about their energy plans. By understanding the factors in each energy offer, consumers can identify the best option for their specific needs, saving them both money and hassle. Visit NOPEC's Energy Savings Center to find this document and more.


Know What You’re Paying For: Understanding Your Energy Bill

The most fundamental aspect of energy consumption is understanding your bill. Yet, deciphering the various charges can often feel like decoding a cryptic message. That’s why NOPEC offers resources like “How to Read Your Energy Bill,” designed to demystify the complexity and empower consumers to know exactly what they’re paying for. Visit NOPEC's Energy Savings Center to find this document and more.


Championing Consumer Rights: NOPEC’s Advocacy Efforts

At the heart of NOPEC’s mission lies advocacy. NOPEC’s team works tirelessly to ensure that consumers are not only aware of their rights but also protected from predatory practices in the energy market. NOPEC actively engages with policymakers, regulators, and industry stakeholders to shape policies that prioritize consumers. By amplifying the voices of consumers, we strive to create a more equitable energy landscape where everyone has access to affordable and sustainable energy options.  Whether it’s pushing for transparent pricing, fair contracts, or advocating for sustainable energy solutions, we stand firm in our commitment to defending consumer interests.


Doorstep Protection: The Do Not Knock Program

In addition to NOPEC’s advocacy efforts, we’ve implemented practical solutions to provide consumers with the opportunity to make informed decisions about their energy needs. By registering for NOPEC’s Do Not Knock Program consumers can avoid unsolicited sales pitches through door-to-door interactions, protecting them from potential scams or high-pressure sales tactics. See if you live in a Do Not Knock Community here. And, as a reminder, NEVER show solicitors a copy of your utility bill.


As we observe National Consumer Protection Week, NOPEC reaffirms our commitment to empowering consumers with the tools, resources, and advocacy they need to navigate the energy market confidently. By advocating for consumer rights, offering practical solutions, and promoting transparency, NOPEC strives to create an environment where every consumer feels comfortable and empowered in their energy decisions.



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