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How To Light Up Your Backyard on A Budget

By NOPEC on August 28, 2023

Evenings are getting cooler, and as bonfire season approaches, you may be realizing that your back yard is fairly dim. Lighting up your backyard can be expensive. Hiring electricians to wire new lights in your yard or installing a new lighting system can be costly. Here are a few ways to light up your backyard without breaking the bank:


Use lanterns.

Lanterns do not require help to light up and do not cost much. They are an easy way to decorate your backyard while also providing light. There are different options too which include lanterns lit by a candle, LED lights, or even solar power.


Hang up string lights.

There are many affordable and easy to hang string lights that can light up your yard at night. Finding those with LED bulbs will last longer and give a brighter glow, being more efficient.


Add a spotlight against concrete or pool.

For those who have a pool or pond in their backyard, shining light on the pool will create a reflection allowing more of the yard to appear lit up. For those who do not have a pool, shining a spotlight onto the exterior of the house will create an illuminating reflection allowing for more light for not a lot of money.


Put stake lights surrounding the yard.

Stake lights are lights that can be stuck in the ground. These lights are very simple to install on your own and have many lighting benefits. While they help increase the light in your outdoor space, they are also beneficial for preventing light pollution. Stake lights direct light downward rather than into the sky which is beneficial for many animals and the environment.


Solar lights.

Solar lights come in many forms. There are ones that attach to the house or deck and those that are similar to lanterns and can be moved. These lights charge during the day in the sun and then light up your backyard at night. They are easy to install and not expensive to purchase.


Creating an outdoor space that can be used during the day as well as at night does not have to be a major expense and investment. There are many ways to light up your backyard without spending all your money and time. Solar options and string lights are great ways to brighten the outdoor space for less. Also, using the surfaces and landscape that you must create reflections and spotlights can help brighten up your space with no electrician required.


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