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NOPEC: Appoint a Consumer Friendly Commissioner to Vacant PUCO Seat

By NOPEC on February 9, 2021

As NOPEC continues its organizational diligence around consumer advocacy, the following letter was overnighted to Governor DeWine's office on Feb. 8 imploring him to select a consumer-friendly appointee to chair the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO).


Dear Governor DeWine: 

As Ohio’s largest governmental energy aggregation representing over 2 million natural gas and electricity consumers in 240 communities across the state, NOPEC is compelled to send this correspondence advocating on behalf of our customers for a consumer-friendly appointee to fill the seat at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio vacated by a recent resignation

It is our organization-wide belief that the ratepayers of this state deserve at least one member of the PUCO who will objectively look out for their best interests rather than favoring the utility companies they are charged with overseeing. The long tradition of PUCO commissioners with ties to the utilities they regulate must come to an end. Your appointment of a true consumer representative would be a very important first step. This appointment opportunity is even more critical now given the current controversy swirling around the passage of HB6. Naming a qualified consumer proponent would send a strong message not only to Ohio’s utility consumers, but to the utilities themselves, about the importance of an impartial, unbiased and independent individual giving voice and standing to Ohio consumer concerns on this influential regulatory body. 

On behalf of NOPEC’s residential and small business customers living and working throughout 19 Ohio counties, Irespectfullyimplore you to carefully consider the significant impact your selection will have in the near-term as well as in the future, particularly during this time when Ohioans are struggling through the economic impact of the pandemic and can least afford additional fees and riders on their utility bills.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this important matter


Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council
Chuck Keiper
Executive Director and CEO


About the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council

NOPEC is a non-profit energy supplier in Northeast Ohio that provides competitive energy cost savings to residents and small businesses using a buy-in-bulk method. NOPEC negotiates for lower energy rates and better terms and conditions, educates residents and customers on how they can conserve energy and save even more on their energy bills, and advocates for consumer-friendly energy legislation at both the state and federal level. Since 2001, NOPEC has saved Ohio consumers hundreds of millions of dollars on their energy costs. NOPEC has also awarded over $34 million in community energy-efficiency grants.

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