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Did you receive a letter from NOPEC?

Here's what it is and what you should do about it.

What is this letter and what do I do about it?

What is this letter?

The letter you received is referred to as an enrollment letter and includes a form to opt-out of NOPEC's services if desired. Why are you receiving an opt-out form? Because you're a part of a NOPEC community. When a community joins NOPEC, all eligible accounts within that community are automatically enrolled as a part of the energy aggregation program. To opt-out, a resident must return the opt-out form enclosed with their enrollment letter.

What should you do with this letter?

You have two options: do nothing and let NOPEC negotiate lower electric rates and gas rates exclusively for your community, or, opt-out. If you live in a NOPEC community, you have the option to choose not to participate, however, our bulk buying strategiesmember benefits, residential incentives, and small business initiatives have kept our NOPEC communities satisfied and growing. 

The Opt-Out Form

  1. If you live in a NOPEC member community, you can still choose not to participate. We’ll send you an enrollment letter every 3 years for electric accounts and every 2 years for natural gas, giving you the option to say “no thanks” to NOPEC and choose a different supplier if you want. Just return the opt-out form included in your enrollment letter to opt-out of the program.
  2. If you want to enroll, you don't actually have to take any action, all eligible accounts are automatically enrolled. You can just throw the card in the recycling bin.
  3. Congratulations, you're enrolled in utility savings! Look for NOPEC savings on your bill.

NOPEC is NOT an extra charge on your utility bill.

NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) is a non-profit group of over 235 communities that negotiates lower utility rates. As Ohio’s largest energy aggregator, NOPEC buys gas and electricity in bulk to help lower your utility bills. 

Learn more about NOPEC

Why stay with NOPEC?

When we buy electricity and natural gas in bulk, we pass the savings on to our 235+ member communities in 17 Ohio counties. That savings helps lower your utility bills all year long, year after year. Collectively, we've saved residents and small businesses $300 million dollars on energy costs.

Alternatively, we are constantly finding new opportunities to engage with and benefit our communities. Below are some name a few! 


  1. We buy in bulk to help you save money and offer competitive NOPEC gas rates and NOPEC electric rates.
  2. Residents are protected from door-to-door solicitors with our Do Not Knock registry.
  3. NOPEC provides energy-saving tips to help lower gas and electric bills and residential incentives like giveaways to stay engaged. 
  4. From energized community grants to community event sponsorship programs and community toolkits, we have plenty of member benefits to offer.
  5. We care about the small businesses within NOPEC communities through energy-efficient financing


Frequently Asked Questions

When a community joins NOPEC, all eligible accounts within that community are automatically enrolled as a part of the aggregation program, unless a resident chooses to opt-out by returning the opt-out card enclosed with their enrollment letter.

As a NOPEC customer, you pay for the electricity or natural gas supply that you use. There are no additional fees. NOPEC receives no public funds, and its member communities are not charged any dues or fees. The chair and members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation. NOPEC’s administrative expenses, such as the cost of the opt-out mailings, staffing, and expenses, are paid by fees from the energy suppliers. The budget is approved once a year by the General Assembly. 

The terms and conditions can be found on the back of your enrollment letter or on our pricing pages at  Go to the pricing page and select your utility provider to see your terms and conditions.

Contact our customer care center at 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC-01) to find out about budget billing.

View all rate options at

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