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Ohio Energy Deregulation 101

By NOPEC on November 28, 2018

Energy deregulation gives consumers the ability to choose an energy supplier rather than having their energy provided by local utilities. While not all states operate in a deregulated market, Ohio is one of the states that does. In 2001, Senate Bill 3 went into effect, allowing Ohio consumers to compare electricity providers and choose a plan from a set of utility providers.

With energy deregulation, you’ll still receive your electricity and gas through your local utility’s infrastructure, but you’ll be able to choose your own energy provider.

The Benefits of Energy Deregulation

Energy Savings

It’s typically recognized that the number one benefit of energy deregulation is consumer cost savings for electricity and natural gas bills. A deregulated market allows for consumers, whether home or business, to compare rates and gives them the power to choose an energy provider.

Flexible Rate Plans

Consumers also have the ability to choose a pricing plan that best fits their needs. For example, NOPEC offers a program price option based on favorable wholesale purchase prices available in the market, as well as a variable rate option, which provides a guaranteed 6% off the monthly utility’s Price to Compare (PTC).

No Service Interruption

Unlike switching your cable or internet provider, switching your energy provider won’t result in a service interruption. You won’t be without gas or electric, the only thing that will change is your gas or electricity bill.

Renewable Energy Options

One of the more in-demand options from energy consumers is a renewable energy option. Renewable energy typically comes from wind and solar generation, low-emissions natural gas generation, and emissions-free nuclear power.

Community Benefits

Unlike most energy providers, NOPEC goes beyond a commitment to saving consumers money by offering competitive rates. NOPEC also provides grants to the communities it services for energy-efficient projects, event sponsorships, energy efficiency financing for local businesses, and many more benefits at no additional cost to residents or local businesses.

Who Controls Power and Gas Lines?

While energy deregulation means that consumers have a choice of their gas or electric supplier, the public utilities company still takes care of your power and gas lines. In the state of Ohio, you can find the electric utility provider in your service area on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) website.

How Do Consumers Sign Up?

For consumers that are eligible to choose an electric or natural gas supplier, they simply need to choose a supplier and contact them to sign up. For consumers in one of NOPEC’s communities, your community leaders have selected NOPEC as its energy provider of choice, meaning there’s nothing you need to do. In fact, it’s likely that you’re already enrolled.

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