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General NOPEC FAQs

Founded in 2000, NOPEC is a non-profit natural gas and electric energy aggregation representing over 900,000 residential and small business customers in 240 Ohio communities. We use bulk-buying techniques to purchase competitively priced electricity and natural gas and then supply that power to our customers. Since 2001, we have saved our customers hundreds of millions of dollars on their energy costs. We are also involved in encouraging and implementing energy conservation that saves our customers additional money.

As Ohio’s largest non-profit energy aggregation, we protect your energy investment by:

• Negotiating better rates and terms
• Advocating for consumer-friendly legislation
• Educating consumers on ways to save even more on their energy usage.

NOPEC also provides valuable programs that benefit member communities and their residents such as energy efficiency grants and community event sponsorships. 

NOPEC is governed by a General Assembly, made up of one representative from each community. From this group, a Board of Directors is elected.

Ohio has what is called an “opt-out” procedure. All eligible residents and small businesses in a member community are automatically enrolled into the aggregation program unless they choose not to be by opting-out.

NOPEC receives fees from the energy suppliers that we buy natural gas and electricity from. These fees are negotiated during the bid process and are calculated based on the value of bringing the load volume of the aggregation to that supplier without them having to incur the marketing costs to land those customers individually. NOPEC does not get any funding from consumers, taxpayers, or the communities that we serve.

NOPEC is a nonprofit, public aggregation of local governments focused on delivering both savings and stability to the consumers we represent. We are concerned with a long-term approach to the energy market, as well as short-term savings. NOPEC recognizes that long-term savings for consumers will result from regulatory changes and is dedicated to representing the interests of NOPEC member communities and their residents in seeking those changes.

Private, for-profit, energy suppliers are more focused on short-term offers. Their positions on regulatory changes and laws are often aimed at their own bottom lines rather than the interests of consumers.

Consumers should be wary of gimmicks and “loss leader” giveaways, in which short-term savings are promised, with no long-range guarantees of continued savings.

View pricing rates here or call NOPEC's Customer Care Center at 855.667.3201 (855-NOPEC01).

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