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Electric Program FAQs

Check with your current supplier to determine any early termination fees that may be a part of your contract with them. If you decide to leave before the end date of your contract you may be subject to those fees. Call the NOPEC Customer Care Center at 855.667.3201 (855-NOPEC01) to enroll.

Your local electric utility is responsible for the delivery of electricity to your home or business. It will also continue to read your meter, send your bill, and restore power after an outage.

There are no cancellation fees for our Standard Program Price and Monthly Variable Price programs. However, there may be a small cancellation fee for our Fixed Term products if you cancel before the end of the term unless you switch to another product within the NOPEC electricity program. For more information, contact NOPEC's Customer Care Center at 855.667.3201 (855-NOPEC01). 

Call our Customer Care Center at 855.667.3201 (855-NOPEC01) for more information about budget billing.

NOPEC buys electricity and natural gas in bulk from NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc. a trusted group of companies with more than 80 years of performance excellence, exceptional credit ratings, and financial stability.

All eligible customers in a NOPEC member community are automatically enrolled in NOPEC's Standard Program Price, a competitive rate that leverages the bulk buying power of 240 member communities. View the current Standard Program Price here.

Yes. NOPEC offers plenty of rate options for customers to choose from, including 12- to 24-month Fixed Term, Monthly Variable, and even 100% Renewable products. The Monthly Variable Price is a percentage off the utility's price to compare (PTC). Enrollment in this program is limited and subject to availability. For more information, contact NOPEC's Customer Care Center at 855.667.3201 (855-NOPEC01).

In addition to complying with Ohio's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), the electricity provided by NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC (NESO) to the NOPEC electric aggregation for the Standard Program Price, Monthly Variable Price, and Fixed Term products includes EarthEra Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) twice the Ohio RPS — or approximately 13% of the customer's energy usage at no additional cost to NOPEC customers in 2020. NOPEC also offers 100% renewable products. 

EarthEra RECs are national voluntary RECs created by wind or solar energy projects located in North America. The EarthEra program was established by NESO's affiliate, NextEra Energy Resources, to provide an innovative way for businesses and consumers to support the development of renewable energy resources. 

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