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Top Five Reasons to be Energy Efficient

By Mary Ripley on June 20, 2018

Just what is energy efficiency and why do it – or better yet why should I care about it?

According to Wikipedia, the goal of energy efficiency is to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.  What does that mean in black and white? When was the last time you (or a member of your family) said we really should turn the light off in the laundry room, we are just wasting energy?  Well let me say, I complain about this every day – as a matter of fact, I wish I lived with a handyman, so I could set all of my lights on intermatic occupancy/vacancy-sensing wall switches or sensors.  Then I wouldn’t have to yell at my family to turn off the lights. 

What if I told you that the Alliance to Save Energy (July 2012) gives the top 5 reasons to be energy efficiency as the following:

  1. Energy efficiency saves you money – yep I agree, but to save money you need to use less energy.
  2. Energy efficiency improves the economy – this is a push, but it does save you and the American Government and businesses $500 billion a year in avoided energy cost.  Unfortunately, it does not always mean we put them to use in a more efficient way. It creates jobs and spurs innovation. I know in Northeast Ohio alone, we have some outstanding energy efficiency trendsetters, innovators and performance contractors that are making a difference.
  3. Energy efficiency is good for the environment – well it would be un-American not to agree – but the less energy you use – saves our precious natural resources and cuts down on pollution.
  4. Improves national security?  If we continue to decrease the demand we would be able to be less dependent on foreign nations.
  5. Energy Efficiency enhances quality of life!  Homes are more comfortable because they are better insulated, you don’t have to spend as much effort changing light bulbs.

If you don’t know where to start, how about checking out our Tip House for some ideas on energy efficiency and to make it simple you can even hop over to the online store and save 10% on every order and have it shipped to your house!

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