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How to Save on Winter Heating Costs

By NOPEC on November 11, 2019

Living in Ohio, we're all too familiar with winter energy bills. Whether you have electric or gas heating, you know that it's going to cost a lot more to heat your home once the temperatures start to dip. So to fight high heating bills, use these quick tips to combat the cold and to keep warm without turning up the heat this winter.

Layer Up

The simplest way to avoid turning up the heat to stay warm is to wear more clothing. This seems like an obvious solution, but many homeowners choose to crank up the heat rather than just dress in layers. Sweaters, blankets, socks, and hats are some of the cheapest solutions for staying warm without turning up the heat.

Not only is this easier on the wallet, but it also lets you personalize your warmth level. Sometimes it seems like every family member wants the thermostat set at a different temperature than others in the house. So instead of constantly fiddling with it to get the right temperature, just dress in layers so everyone can be their own perfect warmth.

Create Windbreakers

Many of us forget that our homes are influenced by outside temperatures. We tend to think that just by adjusting the thermostat, the outside weather has no effect on our homes. While our thermostats can maintain comfortable temperatures, that doesn't mean they aren't affected by the weather outside because drafty windows and openings can cause dramatic energy loss.

Make sure you have windbreakers around your home that reduce the amount of heat loss so you can stay warm without turning up the heat this winter. In addition to sealing air leaks in your home, ensure you have a wind buffer outside. If your shrubs and trees don't require fall pruning, leave them intact throughout the winter to create a break for the wind. Leaving these windbreakers up all winter on your home's north, west and east-facing sides are the most effective in keeping your home's heat inside.

Make Your Home's Heat Work For You

One of the best and most energy-efficient ways to keep warm without turning up the heat is to use the heat your home is generating to your advantage. For example, instead of picking up that pizza or using the microwave, turn on the stove or oven and make some dinner. While these heat sources help keep you warm, they can also continue to warm your home if you leave the oven door open after you turn it off.

Another great tip is to reverse your ceiling fans in the winter to a clockwise position. This creates an updraft, recirculating the heat down to keep you warm without having to turn up the heat.

The important thing to remember when trying to stay warm without turning up the heat is that if you create heat in your home, do everything you can to keep that warmth inside. This will make your furnace run more effectively, keeping your heating bills down so you don't break the bank during the winter months.

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