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How To Efficiently Heat Your Home And Keep The Electric Bill Down

By Mary Ripley on November 6, 2017

Winter is coming. At what temperature have you set your thermostat? As a recent college graduate, this is a question I find myself asking friends who are purchasing starter homes or renting apartments. I ask this because I, myself, can never be warm enough this time of year, but I also want to think sensibly. With minimal funds and not much experience living on their own, it’s an important factor for young adults to consider.

But it’s not only college students who want to watch their electric bill and energy usage. Everyone benefits from thinking twice about how to fight off the heat this season. Here at NOPEC, we’ve come up with some ways to help you out.

  1. Invest in radiator controls. These allow you to have different rooms set at different temperatures. As a result, you can turn heat down or off in rooms you aren’t using. Additionally, you can close heat vents in rooms these rooms. This way, you’ll save both money and electricity, while remaining warm in the rooms you are vacating.
  2. Draught-proof your doors. By applying brush seals and draught strips to areas like keyholes and front and back doors, you’ll keep the icy winds from entering your home.
  3. Don’t forget the ceiling fan. According to Duke Energy, by setting your ceiling fan to operate in a clockwise direction, you can circulate warm air around the room. This air collects near the ceiling as a result of heat rising. Make sure to turn off the fan before you leave the room to continue saving money and electricity.
  4. Change your filter. The dirtier your filter, the harder it will have to work and the more energy it will use. You can replace it every few months or purchase a washable one, which can last up to five years. Another bonus? A clean filter can cut down on dust within your house.
  5. The magic temperature is … According to Dominion East Ohio, the most efficient temperature to set your thermostat in the winter months is 68 degrees. The electric company advises you to set it back even more when you sleep or are away from home. Fun fact: You can save up to three percent on your electric bill by turning down your thermostat by as little as one degree.
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