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How Can You Tell if You Can Save Money with NOPEC?

By Mary Ripley on June 22, 2017

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is a non-profit organization of more than 200 local governments that purchases electric and natural gas services for consumers in its member communities. Because NOPEC has so many members, we have more bargaining power than individuals to negotiate low prices with energy suppliers. (Think of it like buying in bulk).

For this reason, NOPEC is able to offer lower electric and gas rates than about 95% of energy suppliers. How can you tell if NOPEC is the lowest in your area?

Compare Rates

Before you choose an energy supplier, you can compare rates apples-to-apples using our natural gas and electric rate comparison tools. Have your current energy bills handy to enter your current rate and energy usage.

Keep an Eye on Your Energy Bills

With everything else you have going on, you probably don’t take the time to read your energy bills every month. But if you’re not a NOPEC member, your rates could fluctuate drastically without your realizing it.

For-profit energy suppliers often start you with an introductory discounted rate, but this rate is not permanent. You may think you’re saving money only to find out a few months later that your energy bills have skyrocketed.

Why NOPEC is Different

NOPEC is a not-for-profit government organization, so our goal is to protect consumers and save them money. We have the lowest rates about 95% of the time, and even when we don’t, we can promise you consistency that the for-profit suppliers can’t.

NOPEC Gives Back

NOPEC also gives back to the communities it serves, helping members reduce energy waste. With community outreach programs like the NOPEC Energy Bike, we work to inform consumers about energy conservation. We have also given more than $16 million in grants to our communities for energy efficiency projects, and our Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (PACE) loan program helps businesses finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvement projects.

Not sure if you’re a NOPEC member? These example gas and electric bills show you where you can look to find out.

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