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A Guide to Energy-Efficient Holiday Cooking

By NOPEC on November 27, 2023

‘Tis the season for joyous gatherings and holiday feasts! The kitchen is the heart of the holiday season, but did you know it can also be your home’s biggest energy culprit? Let’s unwrap some tips tailored to your kitchen appliances, ensuring a more cost-effective celebration.


  1. Frosty Seal Check: If you feel a wintry draft escaping from your refrigerator door, it’s time to replace the seal. A snug seal prevents cold air leaks, reducing your refrigerator’s energy consumption.
  2. Chill Vibes: Adjust the temperature settings to a cool 40 degrees. Your eggnog will stay chilled, and your fridge will use less energy to maintain the winter wonderland inside.
  3. Snow-Free Coils: Clear away the frost under your fridge by cleaning its coils. These coils work hard to remove warmth, and when they’re clean, the fridge can release heat more efficiently.
  4. Winter Migration: If your fridge is basking in constant sunlight, it’s likely working overtime to keep things cool. Move it to a shadier location to ease the burden on your energy bill.



  1. Chill and Thaw: Instead of microwaving food to thaw it, use the refrigerator. Thawing food in the fridge saves energy, as you’re not heating up the microwave unnecessarily.
  2. Silent Night: Give your microwave a rest when not in use. Unplug it to save phantom energy—the energy drained by appliances left plugged in but not in use.
  3. Shining Star: Look for the Energy Star label when shopping for kitchen appliances. Choosing energy-efficient appliances will light up your holiday savings.



  1. Festive Alternatives: Save the oven for the main plates. For smaller dishes, consider using a slow-cooker or warming up treats in the air fryer for less energy use.
  2. To Broil or Not to Broil: Skip the energy-intensive broil feature. Opting for regular oven heating consumes significantly less energy.


This winter, remember that a few tweaks in your kitchen habits can make a significant difference. By adopting these energy-saving tips, you can trim not just the tree, but also your energy bill! May your holidays be merry, bright, and energy-efficient!


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