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City of Parma Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation


The City of Parma has joined NOPEC's electric aggregation program.

Residents and small businesses will be able to take advantage of electric supply rates negotiated exclusively for NOPEC customers beginning with their May 2021 meter read date.

The City of Parma has enjoyed excellent NOPEC natural gas aggregation prices and customer service for over a decade. NOPEC will now be providing the same level of service for electricity. 

Who is NOPEC?

NOPEC is a non-profit group of 240 communities in 19 Ohio counties that negotiates lower utility rates. In addition to saving Ohioans hundreds of millions of dollars since 2001, we also:

  • Advocate for consumers in hearings that directly impact energy regulation and rates on your utility bills.
  • Invest in our communities by providing grants, customer education programs, and small business energy-efficiency financing.
  • Help you reduce energy consumption with our monthly Energy Connection newsletter, maintenance reminders, and valuable, cost-saving energy tips.
  • Protect residents from predatory door-to-door solicitors with our Do Not Knock program.

Parma Residential Electric Pricing Options

Program Rate

$4.970 cents per kWh

(May 2021 - August 2021)

After your initial three-month price, your rate will reflect the current Standard Program Price. The price may change from month-to-month but not more than once in a 30 day period for the remaining term of the contract.

Monthly Variable Rate

4-6% off the utility's monthly Price to Compare (PTC)

Enrollment is limited and subject to availability. To participate you must call us at 1-855-667-3201 or have one of our customer care representatives call you.

Fixed Term Rates + 100% Renewable Content

To enroll in one of these products, call the NOPEC customer care line at 855-667-3201 or have one of our customer care representatives call you.

NOPEC is not an extra charge on your utility billLearn more.

To view natural gas pricing, click here.

To enroll, you don't have to do anything.

Eligible customers will be receiving an enrollment letter that explains NOPEC’s electric program options and rates, along with providing customers the option to opt-out of the aggregation program.

To enroll, you do not need to take any action. Your account will automatically be enrolled into NOPEC’s Standard Program Price option. There will be no disruption of service during this switch. The Illuminating Company is still the utility responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses, reading meters, sending bills, and restoring power after an outage.



Parma Electric Aggregation Enrollment FAQs

Earlier this year, the City of Parma selected NOPEC to supply the city's electric aggregation. Customers that are onboarding through the initial mailing sent to City of Parma residential and commercial accounts should have received opt-out materials dated March 23, 2021, with an opt-out deadline of April 13, 2021.

Additional Parma customers (including customers that were enrolled in the Energy Harbor aggregation but requested restricted marketing mailing through the utility or newly eligible customers) should have received opt-out materials dated April 21, 2021 with an opt-out deadline of May 12, 2021.

Each mailing included an opt-out letter providing program details, terms of service, and information on opting out of the aggregation.

  • If a customer's mailing is not returned by the postal service as undeliverable and we do not receive an opt-out request by the deadline noted on their letter, an enrollment will be sent to the Illuminating Company.
  • Once the utility accepts the enrollment, a switch notice will be sent to customers advising them that their electric supply is being enrolled under NOPEC and NextEra.
  • The switch notice allows customers who do not want to enroll under the aggregation an additional opportunity to prevent enrollment by contacting the utility prior to the deadline on their notice.
  • If the rescission period expires and a customer does not act, they will be enrolled. 
  • NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC cannot process a drop for customer accounts until the utility-provided turn-on date has passed, which will cause customers to bill under NOPEC and NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC supply for at least one billing period dependent on when the drop is requested.


If you are a City of Parma customer that was enrolled in the Energy Harbor aggregation but requested restricted marketing mailings through the utility, your mailing was sent on April 21, 2021, with an opt-out deadline of May 12, 2021. Because your account was restricted with the utility, additional eligibility information was required before we mailed it to you. As a result, your supply will revert to the utility for one month prior to joining the NOPEC electric aggregation. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause.

If you received opt-out materials from NOPEC and NextEra and want to participate in the aggregation, no action is needed on your part. NOPEC and NextEra will automatically send an enrollment to The Illuminating Company on your behalf.

If you received an opt-out notice from Energy Harbor, the notice may have been sent prior to your account ending supply under the previous City of Parma electric supplier and may have a limited enrollment term. The term of Energy Harbor’s electric aggregation program ended with your May 2021 meter read, so you should not receive opt-out materials from Energy Harbor going forward.

If you were a member of the Parma aggregation through Energy Harbor, please refer to your terms of service from Energy Harbor concerning ETFs to confirm that there is no fee for leaving their supply. If you have questions about the ETF notification you received, please contact Energy Harbor directly.


Contact the NOPEC Customer Care Center at 855-NOPEC-01 (855-667-3201)

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