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The Safe Choice for Your Community's Energy Aggregation

Who is NOPEC?

NOPEC is the largest non-profit energy aggregator in the United States, supplying electricity and natural gas to over 950,000 Ohio residents and small businesses. NOPEC's mission is to advocate, educate, and negotiate for our member communities.

We combine the buying power of 240 Ohio communities to negotiate better rates and terms and conditions, passing those savings and benefits on to Ohio consumers.  Find out how, here.  We also educate residents in member communities on ways to conserve energy and save even more. And, we advocate for consumer-friendly energy legislation at both the state and federal level.


How is NOPEC Different From Other Suppliers?

For-profit energy suppliers use gimmicks and short-term offers with no long-term plan for savings to entice customers.  Their positions on regulatory changes are often aimed at their own bottom lines and not the interests of consumers.

As a non-profit public aggregation of local governments, NOPEC’s goal is to deliver both savings and stability.  We recognize long-term savings for customers will result from regulatory changes and are dedicated to representing the interest of NOPEC member communities and their residents in seeking those changes.  With competitive pricing and no tricky contracts, you'll get peace of mind with NOPEC.



Member Community Benefits

Energized Community Grants

NOPEC provides grants for member communities to use for energy-related projects that will implement energy savings or energy infrastructure measures.


Community Event Sponsorship Program

Community Event Sponsorship Program

NOPEC provides financial support to organizations within member communities to host events which are available to all residents.

Energy-Efficiency Financing

Up-front, fixed-rate financing options with rates as low as 2.5% for energy-efficiency projects on commercial properties.

Preferred Pricing Program

Preferred Pricing Program

Member communities can buy electric and natural gas at cost for publicly owned facilities.

Helping Member Communities Be More Sustainable

Since 2017, NextEra has contributed more than $42 million from NOPEC's aggregation programs into the EarthEra Trust to support the development of renewable energy projects.

NOPEC helps member communities, small businesses, and residents implement energy-saving and renewable energy initiatives:

Renewable Energy: The electricity provided by NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC to the NOPEC electric aggregation includes Earthera© Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) equal to 200% of the quantity of RECs required by the Ohio Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) at no additional cost to NOPEC customers.  The renewable energy credits support the development and construction of renewable energy projects in North America.

100% Renewable Content: NOPEC customers can choose to enroll into an electric program that provides renewable energy credits for 100% of their electricity usage. 

Energy Savings Tools: In 2019, NOPEC became an ENERGY STAR® Partner and created an Energy Savings Road Map, a step-by-step guide to developing and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy policies, and the Sustainable Communities for a Brighter Future blog to provide information for communities on how to become more sustainable. 

Residential Energy-Efficiency Tips and Tools: To support local residents and businesses in reducing their energy usage and saving money on energy-related costs, NOPEC provides tips on how to save on energy, a monthly Energy Connection e-newsletter, and home-maintenance reminder tools.


Educational Resources

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

NOPEC spends time in member communities visiting senior centers, libraries, and community events to talk with residents about energy and how to save on their utility bills. 

Energy Connection Newsletter

Energy Connection Newsletter

NOPEC Energy Connection is a monthly residential newsletter that educates over 10,000 subscribers on how they can save money on their energy costs.

Advocating for You

To preserve customer choice and deregulation, NOPEC actively advocates for consumer-friendly legislation and utility regulatory policies while fighting against unfair utility charges. Below are two Cleveland State/Ohio State studies commissioned by NOPEC showing that deregulation has saved Ohioans about $3 billion a year from 2011 through 2018. 



NOPEC offers products and programs to help member communities, small businesses, and residents implement energy-saving and renewable energy initiatives:



NOPEC's Relationship Management Team works with communities and guides them through the aggregation process. We help community leaders put an issue on the ballot, so residents can vote on whether they'd like their community to adopt a government opt-out natural gas or electric aggregation program. We provide sample legislation language and work with community leaders to answer resident's questions. NOPEC also attends two public meetings where community members can ask questions about NOPEC's governmental opt-out energy aggregation programs. Once a community chooses to join NOPEC, they can start receiving all of the benefits of NOPEC membership. 

Find more information about becoming a NOPEC community here.


Customers are able to view NOPEC's electric pricing and gas pricing online. 

As an opt-out energy aggregation, all eligible customers of an aggregated community become part of the buying group unless they take specific action to opt-out of the aggregation. NOPEC is required by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to give our members the chance to opt-out of NOPEC's electric aggregation every 3 years and natural gas aggregation every 2 years. This means a customer can choose to opt-out of the aggregation program, either defaulting back to the utility or choosing their own energy supplier. NOPEC notifies customers during these enrollment periods by letter, informing residents they are in the aggregation, providing details about rate options, and giving them the opportunity to opt-out of the aggregation program. To opt-out, customers need to fill out and return the opt-out form that they will receive with their enrollment letter. Postcards need to be returned by mail to the address printed on the postcard or by fax at 800-238-5676.

Additionally, NOPEC and NextEra send refresh enrollment mailings monthly to anyone that has a new energy account, such as a new business or newly built home, or to anyone that has recently moved into a NOPEC community.

For more information about the opt-out process, go to our enrollment page

In preparation for an anniversary opt-out mailing (every two years for natural gas and every 3 years for election), NOPEC provides community leaders with a timeline of when the enrollment letters will be in the mail, answers to questions that residents may have, and other support materials they may need.

NOPEC buys electricity and natural gas in bulk from NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc., a trusted group of companies with more than 80 years of performance excellence, exceptional credit ratings, and financial stability.

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