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What you need to know: NOPEC's Electric Supplier

By Mary Ripley on  November 3, 2016

The NOPEC/FES contract will end January 2017, however, NOPEC is now arranging to have another supplier and will make an announcement when one has been selected. NOPEC will also be conducting an Opt-Out Anniversary Mailer (PUCO requires governmental opt out opportunities be given to you every 3 years). When you receive your Opt-Out Anniversary Mailer, you will have a choice to stay with NOPEC by doing nothing or opting out and returning to the electric utility.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why did FirstEnergy Solutions send me a letter?

Since FirstEnergy Solutions terminated the contract they will no longer be the supplier for NOPEC and are required to notify the customers.

The FirstEnergy Solutions letter says I have to return to the utility company?

Your service will be provided by the local utility following FirstEnergy Solutions’ termination until a new supplier for the NOPEC energy aggregation program is selected. NOPEC is working to select a new supplier and will likely have the opt out letters sent with enough time so that most customers will not have to return to the utility at all.

What happens if I return to the utility?

It’s simple. You will just remain with the utility for now and, likely very soon, NOPEC will send you an opt-out mailer. Once you receive that mailer from NOPEC you simply need to do nothing and you will be returned to the NOPEC aggregation program with the new supplier.

What does this mean for me, the customer? Am I going to have electricity?

Yes. Your electricity will continue to flow. Throughout the process of finding a new supplier, there will be no disruption of service for NOPEC customers.

What should I, the customer, be doing?

You should do nothing.  Your discounts through NOPEC’s current supplier will continue until January. NOPEC plans to have a sound and financially strong supplier under contract shortly, ready to deliver electricity to NOPEC customers at a favorable rate.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions and more information, visit our website at  You may also call 855-639-8159.


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