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What You Need in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

By Audrianna Modon on  September 30, 2019

Imagine this: your community is a barren wasteland, the power grid is down, and the only items you have left are the clothes you're wearing and a nearly dead phone. In only a few minutes, a cataphoric event has completely changed your day-to-day life. Do you have what you need to survive?

While the end of the world is unlikely to happen, it's important to prepare for when disaster strikes. Grab an unused bag and fill it up with water and these 5 life-saving supplies:


A rechargeable electric radio is essential to accessing weather reports, the emergency alert system, and entertainment. Make sure to pick one with a hand crank option so you're not relying on energy to charge it.

Hand Crank Flashlight 

You will need a flashlight to see while you’re on the move. Make sure to choose a hand crank option as opposed to one that requires store-bought batteries. Consider doubling up on flashlights if there are more people in your family -- nothing is quite as bad as multiple people sharing one light.

Emergency Thermal Blanket 

Conserve your body heat and keep warm when the option to turn up the thermostat is no longer there. You might also want to include a couple of pocket warmers to increase the amount of stored heat you have - perfect for the energy black-out prepper bag!

Copies of Important Information

Once the power is out, you won’t be able to go to the computer and print off your family’s important information. Make sure to have copies of insurance policies, identification, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, marriage certificates, medical insurance, and even medical records in a sealable plastic bag. It is also important to keep cash in your black-out bag because ATMs and digital banking won’t work without power. These are incredibly important documents you will need especially if the power does not come back on soon.

No-Cook Meals

Without electricity to cook your meals, or a refrigerator to keep perishable items fresh, it’s time to freshen up on your no-cook recipe skills! Good meals for a black-out bag include jerky, trail mix, or even freeze-dried meals that just require water. Needless to say; any prepper bag, no matter the situation, should include a healthy amount of bottled water. It’s important to be prepared in the case of a power outage, even though most only last a few hours. Remember to stay safe and always have a black-out prepper bag ready so that a minor inconvenience doesn’t become an emergency!

Other Supplies:

  • Water
  • Solar-powered phone charger
  • Medical supplies
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Extra cash
  • Maps of the area
  • Medications
  • Portable hygiene products 
  • Family and emergency contact information


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