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Top Gifts for the Energy Saver in Your Life

By NOPEC on  February 12, 2020

We all want to make sure that when we give gifts, it's the most perfect gift possible. And when there’s an energy saver in your life who’s the recipient, we want to make sure we give a gift that aligns with their lifestyle. So when looking for a meaningful holiday, birthday or any other special occasion present for that energy saver in your life, keep this Top Gifts List handy.

Top Gifts for Their Smart Home

Many households are slowly adopting smart home technology. Once someone owns a smart home device, the possibilities to add on and upgrade devices are almost endless. If you’re looking for an energy-saving gift for the smart home user, check these out:

Smart Thermostats

There used to be a time when there was a limited selection of smart home devices like thermostats to choose from. Today, there are dozens of smart thermostats that allow you to set the temperature in your home from anywhere, and to automate schedules for heating and cooling your home based on weather conditions, time of day and much more. CNET has a great rundown of some of the more popular smart thermostats and their features.

Smart Lights

There are also many trusted brands that produce smart lights for the home. With a smart light, you can automate lighting schedules, set up security lighting and even create ambiance lighting. These can all help with the commitment to save energy. One of the leaders in this space is Philips Hue. They sell perfect smart home lighting gift options for the energy saver in your life.

Budget-Friendly Presents for the Energy Saver

What do you do when you want to give a top gift to the energy-conscious person in your life but you’re strapped for cash? There are several gift options to stick to your energy-efficient theme while also sticking to a budget.

Power Strips

When looking for energy efficiency gifts, it can be hard to find a product that ticks off both the budget and energy-saving boxes. But with the advent of smarter power strips, you also get the added benefit of protecting your energy lover’s electronics. Tricklestar Advanced Power Strips reduce the amount of standby power that electronics draw, which leads to wasted energy and money. These phantom loads can really end up costing a lot throughout the year.

Power Towers

A newer and more space-efficient take on the power strip is the power tower. They can provide surge protection but they take advantage of space by going vertical instead of lying flat on a floor. Many of these power towers have USB ports that automatically detect the type of device you’re charging and use energy-efficient speeds to optimally charge devices. This Bestek Power Tower also has a cool stacking design that lets you add outlets to each other or use as stand-alone outlets. 

Big Ticket Gifts for the Eco Warrior

Chances are we all have gifting budgets. But what if money wasn’t an issue and you could gift that Eco-Warrior in your life anything money could buy? Here are some gift ideas for that super energy-saver in your life:

Electric Car

OK, so not all of us have an unlimited budget to buy gifts for our eco-conscious friends and family. But if we did, buying them an electric car would be one of the best. Edmunds has an updated list of the best electric cars in 2020 that will help them save money and fossil fuel.

Appliance Overhaul

Large appliances can make a huge impac If you have a large budget and want to gift the energy saver in your life something very beneficial for their energy bills, upgrade their old energy hog appliances to energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® appliances. For a quick idea of just how much money and energy you could save someone with just a new, efficient refrigerator, check out this Flip Your Fridge Calculator.

Gifts to Help Make Their Home More Energy Efficient

Presents can be an expression of our gratitude and love. What better way to show gratitude to that energy-saving person than by gifting them products that make their home more energy efficient
every day. Not only will you be showing them that you understand their commitment to the environment and saving energy, but you’ll also be helping them save money too!

LED Bulbs

You can help the energy saver in your life save up to $70 a year in energy costs just by replacing five of their most frequently used CFL bulbs with LED bulbs.

Outlet Stickers

Losing energy in our homes through drafts around windows and electric outlets can be a real problem. That’s why gifting these easy-to-install Airtite stickers will help that energy-conscious person to save money and energy by insulating and sealing up any drafty outlets.

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