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Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas

By Mary Ripley on  June 13, 2017

Inexpensive DIY Bathroom Ideas

Renovating your bathroom to be more energy efficient doesn't always have to be expensive. By using a few common household items you can give your bathroom a sleek and chic update that you'll love.


Various painting equipment on green wooden background

Upcycling is taking items that you don't want anymore and reusing them for a different purpose. By upcycling you can create new furniture and accessories for your home by using items you already have. For example, you can use a mason jar as a toothbrush holder, braid strips of old T-Shirts and towels to create a new rug, hang baskets on the wall for storage, or weave plastic grocery bags together to make a waste basket. You can paint these items to give them a fresh new look. Take a look at what your already have sitting around your home and get creative, and check out your favorite craft website for step-by-step instructions.

Spray Paint

set of metallic aerosol spray cans isolated on white background

Sometimes all you need to update your bathroom is a new accent color. Spray painting your faucet, light fixtures, doorknob, cabinets, and light switch covers using rust-proof paint can change the look of your entire bathroom while saving money. Use dark matte paint for a modern look, metallic gold for a trendy aesthetic, and fun pastels for a colorful look kids will love.

LED Rope Lighting

Macro Close Up of Twisted and Messy LED Light Rope

LED lights are great because they use less energy than standard bulbs, and rope lights are flexible enough to be used just about anywhere. Put an unexpected twist in your bathroom by stringing LED rope lights under your cabinets, around your mirror, and even under your cabinets. It will provide additional light and add a creative touch.  

Light Bulb

Remove Light Bulbs

It's possible to have too much light in your bathroom, which can drain your energy bill. If you feel like you have too much lighting, try taking out a few existing lightbulbs. If your bathroom is too dark after removing the bulbs, consider switching to LED bulbs.



Bathroom Energy Saving Investments

If you're willing to make a big investment to save energy, consider these tips to help get you started on making your bathroom more energy efficient in the long run.  

Upgrade Your Bathroom Appliances

Shawer head with flow of water spilling out on blue background

Installing a high-efficiency showerhead and faucets, as well as a low flow toilet, can reduce the amount of excess water wasted in your bathroom. A high tech appliance that you'll use daily, helps the environment, and reduces utility bills is money well spent!  

Add Natural Light

Large master bathroom, corner bathtub with window, walk in shower, sink and large mirror, tile floor and tub area

If possible, consider installing a window or skylight in your bathroom. They help cut down on energy usage and will provide natural light in your bathroom all day long.

By using these suggestions, you can enjoy the look of a new bathroom without the hefty price.



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