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Recipe for a Low Energy Bill

By NOPEC on  September 24, 2019

Just like the perfect meal, a low energy bill starts with the right ingredients and a tried-and-true formula for success: Go heavy on the insulation, throw in a dash of LED bulbs, and sprinkle in some smart home devices. The results, of course, depend entirely on the chef’s capabilities, but NOPEC is happy to be your Julia Child or Bobby Flay in the kitchen. Follow this recipe to create an energy bill so low your friends and neighbors will be begging you to share your special ingredients.


  • 1 thermostat
  • 2 lbs. insulation
  • 3 boxes of LED bulbs, diced (one for every light fixture)
  • 1-5 appliances (Energy Star preferred)
  • 6 cups of cold water
  • 1 extra dry towel
  • 4 air filters (washed and dried)
  • 1 ceiling fan (optional)
  • Smart home devices, to taste


  1. Place your thermostat on a wall that is away from paintings, mirrors, plants, and furniture, and set it at 78⁰F in the summer or 68⁰F in the winter. Setting your thermostat too high or placing it near other objects can cause your energy bill to be spicier than you’d like.
  2. While your house cools, add insulation to your attic and within your walls. This will help keep heat and air conditioning inside and preserve its natural flavors.

  3. Next, take your boxes of LED bulbs and dice them so there’s one LED bulb for every light fixture in your home. You can throw away any leftover incandescent bulbs.

  4. Check the date of your appliances, especially your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, clothes washer, and dryer. Any appliances before 1997 are likely not Energy Star-rated. Replace any that are outdated with Energy Star appliances to guarantee a low and tasty energy bill.

  5. You should now be ready to do a full load of laundry. Use the cold water to efficiently clean your clothes. Be careful not to use hot water, as it can not only shrink your clothes but also cause your energy bill to be higher than desired. Then, toss the dry towel in the dryer along with your clothes to soak up the excess water and significantly reduce your drying times.

  6. Your low energy bill is starting to come together. Next, clean the air filters in your HVAC so it runs as smooth as butter.

  7. If you have a ceiling fan, you’ll want to rotate it to run clockwise during the winter to help push the warm air down. Alternatively, you’ll want to rotate your fan to run counter-clockwise during the summer. If you don’t have or want a ceiling fan, feel free to skip this step altogether.

  8. Lastly, sprinkle in some smart devices around your home to help lower your energy bill. Consider adding smart power strips, blinds, lighting, and water monitors until your energy bill has reached an optimal low.

  9. Voila! Your energy bill should be low enough to eat, or well, you know what we mean.


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