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Program Price Option vs. Variable Price Option

By Mary Ripley on  December 15, 2016

Can you explain the difference between the new electric rate options that will be begin in 2017?

Yes, there are two pricing options available to NOPEC customers starting with the January 2017 meter read, the Program Price Option and the Variable Rate Option.

Program Price Option

NOPEC customers are automatically enrolled into our Program Price Option.  Starting with the first meter read in January 2017 until the meter read of June 2017, the program prices are $.04907 per kWh for residential and $.05258 for small commercial customers in Ohio Edison Territory. For customers in The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company’s territory, the residential rate will be $.04978 per kWh and the rate for small commercial accounts will be $.05246 per kWh. After the June 2017 meter read, you will receive competitive rates based on favorable wholesale purchase prices available in the market. NOPEC will publish the updated rates at 30 days prior to its effective date.

Variable Rate Option

NOPEC customers also have the option to enroll into our variable rate program.  Members of this program receive a rate that is 6% less than the utility’s Price to Compare (PTC) for residential accounts and 4% off the utility’s PTC for small commercial accounts.   To enroll into this program, you must call customer service at 855-667-3201. The variable rate program is limited to 7,000 NOPEC customers in CEI Territory and up to 3,000 NOPEC customers in OE Territory. If you have additional questions about your energy choices through NOPEC and NESO, call our customer care line at 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC01).  Or you can find out more information about NOPEC, NESO and the recent opt-out letters here. Have a question for Mr. NOPEC?  Email  


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