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Our Favorite Energy Monitoring Device

By Mary Ripley on  November 3, 2017

This week we posted reviews about two energy monitors, the Kill-A-Watt EZ and the TP-Link Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring.  Today we are sharing the results of the third device we tested... And it's our favorite! The WeMo Insight Smart Plug is smartphone and tablet compatible, petite in size, and affordable at a price point of around $40. This device is quick and easy to set up. It took us only 2 minutes to connect after the app downloaded! Some of the features of the WeMo Insight are similar to the TP-Link (see review here). They both have “away” modes which turn your connected lights on and off at random times to create the appearance that someone is home. Additionally, both devices can be controlled through voice commands with Amazon's Alexa and Google Voice. Features specific to the WeMo Insight include the ability to connect to Nest Thermostat and Apple HomeKit, as well as a built-in micro USB on the top of the plug.  Unlike the TP-Link, the WeMo Insight doesn't require a sign-in to remotely control appliances, which makes the set-up more user-friendly.

WeMo App!

(WeMo app)

The WeMo has the ability to measure daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption, but it also includes a feature that allows you to see how long the appliance has been on  "standby" mode, or not consuming as much energy as planned. The WeMo Insight also lets you set up energy saving rules, such as if this happens, then that.

The home screen on the WeMo is not as easy to read as the TP-Link, but the small size and ability to set-up rules won our love for this device. Now you can get your own Energy-Monitoring Smart Plug!  Sign in to myNOPEC and use your rewards points to order a smart plug today!  Don't have a myNOPEC account?  Sign up for a myNOPEC account today to get energy-saving tips, track your energy usage and learn new ways to save!  Plus, you can earn rewards points to use on energy-saving devices in the myNOPEC rewards store.


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