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Open the windows: It’s easy and breezy

By Mary Ripley on  June 29, 2017

A great way to keep your home cool as Indian summer and fall approach is to simply open up the windows.

Wind-driven natural ventilation works by way of a phenomenon known as the chimney effect.

Cooler air will naturally blow through open windows and, consequently, the warmer indoor air will be drawn out of open windows on the leeward–or downwind–side of your home via a vacuum effect. This creates the sensation of a cooling breeze in the room where you’ve opened the fall windows.

Using natural ventilation will not only drive down your energy bills but will, also, save you wear and tear on your cooling system.

Funneling fresh air through your home can help to improve indoor air quality and, subsequently, the health of the occupants, according to Breathing Buildings Ltd.

Also, consider using windows to control the temperature of the room when it gets colder out, as well. Opening a window just a crack can go a long way toward keeping the overall room at a desirable temperature.

If you are interested in improving your home or business so you can take fuller advantage of wind-driven natural ventilation, you can visit to learn how changes in landscaping can help cool or heat your home more efficiently.

Investing in different landscaping is often a one-time expense that brings about a lifetime of energy savings.

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