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NOPEC's Natural Gas Enrollment Mailer

By Mary Ripley on  January 22, 2018

Starting January 22, 2018 residents and small businesses in communities that are members of NOPEC's Natural Gas Aggregation will begin receiving enrollment letters for NOPEC’s natural gas aggregation program. NOPEC is required by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), to send opt-out notifications to eligible customers every two years. Customers already enrolled in NOPEC’s Program Price option and those that want to join NOPEC, do not need to take any action. As a resident in a NOPEC community, you will automatically be enrolled in NOPEC’s Program Price option.  NOPEC’s program price is negotiated for customers to deliver consistent, competitive pricing and to reduce severe pricing swings due to market volatility. NOPEC also offers a variable rate program that is a guaranteed savings of $.02/Mcf less than the utility’s standard choice offer. To enroll in NOPEC’s Variable Rate Program, consumers must call NOPEC’s Customer Service Line at 855-NOPEC-01 (855-667-3201). Enrollment in the Variable Rate Program is limited and subject to availability. Current customers already enrolled in the variable rate option, will automatically be re-enrolled into the variable rate plan for the new enrollment period. If you do not wish to participate in NOPEC’s natural gas aggregation, you must notify NOPEC by either a) filling out and mailing back the opt-out post card enclosed in the opt-out mailing or b) faxing the opt-out card to 440-774-4422 by February 23, 2018. For more information, go to


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