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My Energy Journey – Week 1

By Mary Ripley on  July 20, 2017


I never realized and, quite honestly, never paid any attention to my growing energy bills. I’m guilty of just watching the cell phone bill, the cable bill and the water bill over everything else. My neighbors and I actually compare our water bills – mostly because we want to see who got hit the hardest using their automatic sprinklers during the summer months. But then there’s electric and natural gas, the bills no one ever wants to talk about. In my opinion, it’s because those types of utilities are a necessity, so it is what it is: Big, small, usage and all.

I decided it was time to go on an energy journey, which taught me ways to reduce energy usage in my own home so that I could better educate myself, my neighbors and other non-energy watchers.

The first step involved taking an inventory of our own home to see what “stuff” uses electricity and natural gas, which helped identify any easy changes we could make right away.

From here, we decided that it was time to finally change out the old-fashioned light bulbs with CFL or maybe even LED. If you didn’t understand a word I said, stay tuned! Next week, I’m going to explain the difference and even give you a free tip video explaining each light bulb and how they can help you save!



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