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Learn How NOPEC Helps You Save

By NOPEC on  August 28, 2019

For many Ohio residents, their first introduction to NOPEC is seeing our name on their gas and electricity bills. That’s because they live in a NOPEC community, where they are able to enjoy the many cost-saving benefits we provide. Since 2001, NOPEC has saved residents and businesses more than $300 million dollars. Find out how NOPEC helps you save money.

Lower Energy Rates

NOPEC leverages the negotiating power of a large group when purchasing natural gas and electricity. By buying energy in bulk, we’re able to pass the savings onto consumers, which translates into lower rates for you, amongst other benefits. We always negotiate consumer-friendly terms regarding renewal and price adjustments to ensure you get consistent, worry-free rates and terms all year long, year after year.

Energy Efficiency Resources

Lower rates are just the beginning of what NOPEC does to help put more money back in your pocket. We provide community resources to educate our communities and members on ways they can save energy to lower their utility bills. You can check out our tip house for ways to save in the home or sign up for our newsletter to receive energy-saving tips and chances to win smart home technology.

Community Outreach

Members can always turn to their friendly neighbor NOPEC for answers to their energy-related questions. We frequently spend time in member communities visiting senior centers, libraries, and community events to talk with residents about energy and how to save on their utility bills. NOPEC also helps fund organizations within member communities to host community events, such as Parma Heights’ “Kids in the Commons” and Perry Township’s “Movie Night Under the Stars.”

Energy Aggregation Advocacy

NOPEC is a powerful advocate for consumers, businesses, and communities alike. We educate state and federal legislators about the consumer benefits of energy aggregation and advocate for you in hearings that directly impact energy regulation and your utility bills. By operating in a deregulated market, residents and businesses have the power to compare rates and choose the best energy provider for lower natural gas and electricity bills.

Energy Efficiency Funding and Community Grants

Since 2001, NOPEC has awarded more than $28 million in NOPEC community energy efficiency grants. Our Energized Community Grants can be used to implement energy savings or energy infrastructure measures, such as electric car charging stations, LED street lighting, or HVAC upgrades. NOPEC also offers energy efficiency financing to small businesses and commercial property owners through our STEP Loan and PACE Loan.

Have questions? Contact the NOPEC customer care line today.

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