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Kitchen Appliances, Ranked: Best to Worst

By Mary Ripley on  July 6, 2017

Your kitchen is full of a variety of gadgets to cook your meals with, however some will take a toll on your energy bills more than others. We’ve compiled a quick list ranking common kitchen appliances from best to worst based on the amount of energy they generally consume when cooking the same food.  


1. Best: Microwave- They’re quick, convenient and you probably own one. Microwaves use the least amount of energy and can heat just about anything in a few seconds, which makes them the best energy-efficient appliance in your entire kitchen.   Close up of a slow cooker working on kitchen shelf    

2. Slow Cooker- Slow cookers are a great solution for recipes that require several hours of cooking. In fact, using a slow cooker on low for 8 hours uses the same amount of energy as using an electric oven for one hour. They also help retain moisture for foods that could easily dry out or get burned on other appliances.  

black toaster oven on natural background

3. Toaster Oven- Toaster ovens are essentially a regular oven, except smaller and more efficient. They’re best for cooking small servings for food that you would typically cook in a regular oven, like pizza slices, French fries, and garlic bread. They cook your food just as well with no pre-heating necessary.     

4. Stovetops: Stovetops aren’t the best for retaining heat, and since they’re part of a larger appliance they generate a lot of energy. When using a stovetop make sure that you’re using the proper pans and skillets for your burners to minimize heat loss and help you waste less energy.


5. Worst: Oven- Ovens are the biggest energy hogs in your entire kitchen. While ovens are necessary for some foods or large batches, they should be used sparingly. They waste a lot of energy just to pre-heat, they’re large, and they typically have to be used for long periods of time. The combination of these factors makes them the worst appliance in your entire kitchen!

Empty open oven


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