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How to Win Points for the myNOPEC Rewards Store

By Mary Ripley on  November 14, 2016

Don’t you wish there was something that helped you save energy AND let you win cool prizes? Well look no further, because myNOPEC offers all this and more! Once you have signed into myNOPEC, go to the Dashboard tab to check out all these challenges to help you win points for the rewards store.  The more challenges you unlock, the more points you earn!

Complete your Home Profile

Earn points easily when completing your home profile. Once completed, 500 points will be added to spend at our Rewards Store!

Beat the Street

Take your competitiveness to a whole other level. Challenge your neighborhood to an energy dual to see who saves more energy. Each month, Beat the Street will check your electric/gas usage and compare it to the average usage on your street. If you save more energy than the rest of your neighborhood, congrats! You just saved money and won points for the rewards store.


Nothing helps promote responsible energy usage like sharing tips and tricks with friends. Go on — share and we’ll give you rewards points!


At NOPEC we are all about innovation through the spread of ideas. Comment and generate conversations in our forum and blog to earn points! You can start today by commenting on this blog post.

Link Electric/Gas Account

Find your energy bill and connect it to your myNOPEC account to see your usage each month. This will earn you extra 200 points for each account that you link. Plus, once you have linked your energy accounts, you will be able to participate in more challenges.

Decrease Your Electric/Gas Usage

Tired of being an energy hog? This myNOPEC challenge will help save money and energy. Go to the My Energy Usage tab and Analyze Your Past Usage.  The bars on the graph will help you track your usage each month. Look at your consumption to see what you need to hit in order to unlock a decreased usage indicator. Whenever your usage goes down, we'll add rewards points to your myNOPEC account.

Energy Tipster

Take a look at our tip house! Click on the green dots for energy tips to help you save around your house. Earn points for each tip you complete. Not only will you learn more energy tips, you will also earn your chance to get those awesome movie tickets in the reward store that you have been wanting.

nopec tip house

We have exciting new items in the rewards store. From crock pots to LED nightlights and even gift cards, you never know what you might find in the myNOPEC reward store. Sign up or sign in today!


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