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How to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill

By NOPEC on  May 29, 2020

Many Ohioans dread summer because of our hot, humid weather. We try to get relief from the heat in any way possible. For the majority of us, this means turning on the air conditioning and then
getting sticker shock when the high summer electric bill comes.

Air conditioning alone accounts for a whopping 5% of all electricity used in the United States. And though it’s widely utilized throughout the country and electrical prices vary greatly even within
regions, it can get incredibly expensive to cool your home in the summer. Follow these tips and soon you’ll be able to cut your summer cooling costs and enjoy the weather:

Clean Your A/C Unit

As with any appliance, your air conditioning unit needs service and maintenance every year. Cleaning your air conditioner before startup to make sure it runs efficiently is one of the most
important things you can do to save money on your summer cooling bills. Not only will this prolong the life of your air conditioner, but it also ensures that it will run efficiently.

Dirty air conditioner filters, fans, and fins are a recipe for clogging up your unit and wasting money and energy. That’s why it’s important to change your air condition filters and clean your fan and
fins in order to save the most money on cooling costs this summer.

Keep Your Curtains Closed

Did you know that when you’re cooling your home, 76% of the sunlight that falls on double-pane windows is converted to heat inside your house? And if you have your air conditioning on, it’s
working overtime to cool down that heat. Considering how expensive air conditioning can be, leaving your window coverings open during the summer can be a huge waste of money.

That’s why it’s so important to close your curtains, shades, and blinds when the sun is blazing through your windows throughout the heat of the day. Even if you have energy-efficient windows,
it’s always good practice to keep your window coverings closed if you want to conserve energy and save money on your summer cooling bills.

Set the Right Temperature

According to the Department of Energy, 78° is the best temperature you can set your air conditioning for efficient cooling. You will get ideal results if you have your a/c on only while you
are home. This will help to cut down on your air conditioning bill and save you money on summer cooling costs.

Get a New Thermostat

Of course, no one wants to come home to a hothouse and have to wait until it cools down to 78° to be comfortable. For optimal heat relief, you may want to invest in a smart, programmable

If you are away, you can start cooling your home via WiFi on your way home and it will be the perfect temperature by the time you get there. This saves you from cooling your home all day
when no one is there and is a smart, cost-efficient way to save on your air conditioning bills in the summer. And just imagine how much money a smart thermostat can save on your cooling bills
while on vacation!

So instead of dreading the heat and high air conditioning bills this summer, use these tips and more to help keep your cooling bills low and live comfortably without worrying about high cooling

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