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How to Get Your Kids to Help You Save Energy This Summer

By Mary Ripley on  June 19, 2017

Summer is here, which means the kids are out of school and at home. Time to get ready for your utility bills to skyrocket, right? No way! Just because your kids are on summer break doesn’t mean you'll have higher electricity bills. Get your kids on board with helping you save energy this summer by using these simple tips. Not only will these tips help you save money on your energy bills, but you’ll also teach your children that saving energy can be fun!

1. Adjust your thermostat: If your kids aren’t active indoors, adjust your thermostat. Air conditioning can account for up to half of your energy usage every month! Instead of keeping your home ice cold in the summer, just leave your thermostat at 75°. This is a comfortable temperature when relaxing indoors. Imagine how much you’ll save just by adjusting the temperature just a few degrees.

2. Get a pool:  If the kids start to complain about being hot, get either an inflatable or hard- sided portable pool for them to play in. Not only will this cool them down (so you can keep your thermostat at an affordable temperature), it also gets them out of the house and having fun!

3. Install thermal curtains: When hot sun blares into your windows all day, it can quickly warm up your house to uncomfortable temperatures. It also makes your A/C work harder! Sun-blocking thermal curtains are affordably available to help you control the amount of hot sun pouring into your house. Enlist your kids to help you install the curtains, then give them responsibilities to open and close them depending on the times of day.

4. Designated snack time: Opening and closing refrigerator doors all day can suck up so much energy. In order to avoid high energy bills because of your kids’ indecisive hunger cravings, designate a snack time. That way, your kids aren’t constantly opening and closing the refrigerator all day to find something to eat.

5. Black out time: Kids can get bored easily in the summer if they’re not being engaged. And many times, being engaged involves using electronics (watching TV, playing video games, etc.). More electronics usage means higher energy bills for you. To help save electricity, start an electronics black out time and encourage your kids to play board games or do something creative, like painting or writing. Not only will you save on your electric bill, but you’ll also foster their creativity.

6. Grill Out: Nothing is more miserable than turning on your oven and heating up your house in the summer when you’re already hot. So get out and grill! It will save your A/C from working overtime to cool down your oven-warmed house.  Get the kids involved in helping you prepare and cook dinner. You can also teach them how to grill.

7. Hang Your Laundry Drying your laundry in a dryer will not only warm up your house, it also consumes lots of energy. Take advantage of the warm and sunny days by naturally drying your clothes and hanging your laundry outside. Make sure you get your kids involved, to show them that you don’t have to use unnecessary energy when doing your laundry.

8. Tell Your Kids to Keep You Accountable: Saving energy takes commitment from the whole family. Tell your kids that they should let you know every time you leave a light on in an unused room or leave a door open when the air conditioning is on. You can even make a game of it by giving them some incentives to keeping you accountable, like taking them for ice cream for every 5 times they’ve “caught” you wasting energy.


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