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How to Compare Energy Offers

By Mary Ripley on  July 6, 2017

Mail or phone offers from gas and electric companies can be confusing. How to compare energy offers is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear at NOPEC. Answer these questions to make informed choices when choosing your energy supplier.

Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Is the company a government aggregator or a company with local roots? How long have they been doing business in Northeast Ohio? Does the company have a good reputation? Is the company’s offer sponsored by a non-profit organization like NOPEC or only by a for-profit entity?  

Reviewing the Offer

What is the rate? How long is the rate good for? What happens after the “Special Offer” period? What is the length of the contract? Does the contract automatically renew?  

Check the Terms and Conditions

Read the fine print to find out the terms and conditions. How do you need to enroll to qualify for the offer? Online, by phone? How long do you need to be a customer until you get the reward? Is there an early termination fee? How much is it?  

Is the Offer Really the Best?

Don’t take their word for it. Compare the offer to similar offers in the market to make an informed choice. Be sure to compare contract lengths, the renewal process, early termination fees and rates. To compare energy offers to NOPEC's pricing, check out our electric and natural gas pricing pages.  


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