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Energy-Saving Products You Need in Your Home

By NOPEC on  October 31, 2019

Saving energy in your home translates into saving money because the more efficient your home is, the more you save on your energy bills. That’s why it’s important to outfit your home with energy-saving products that save you money month after month.

By leaving energy-sucking products in your home, you are unintentionally creating high energy bills. But by replacing a few key items with more energy-efficient products, you will be well on your way to lower energy bills. We’ve put together an energy-saving product list that every home needs to start saving energy and money:

LED Light Bulbs

When LED light bulbs first came out, they were very expensive and the payback period on replacing your whole home with LEDs was years. But now, LED bulbs are so plentiful, they've become very inexpensive.

And they are better in every way compared to old, inefficient incandescent bulbs. For example, they are brighter and come in every color you can think of. And of course, they use a fraction of the energy, leading to lower monthly bills.

Just by replacing your 5 most used light fixtures in your home with LED bulbs, you will save a whopping $75 a year!

So if you have been putting off outfitting your home with LEDs, wait no longer.  Because when you convert to LED, you will definitely see the difference in your next electric bill.

Programmable Thermostat 

If you've never used a programmable thermostat, you'll be amazed just how much energy you're wasting. With non-programmable thermostats, the same temperature is set ALL the time. Even when no one is home. It seems silly to heat a home to your comfort level if you're not even home to enjoy it.

Just by turning off the thermostat a couple of hours before going to work and on again before coming home, this can add up to about 8 hours of NO heating in the winter or cooling in the summer on the weekdays. That’s 2,080 hours of LESS energy wasted in your home!

There are even thermostats that actually learn your routine and automatically adjust to YOUR schedule. One of the original energy-efficient home products to hit the market was the NEST thermostat, and it remains popular today.

A Portable Heater and/or Cooling Fan

By supplementing your furnace or air conditioner with a heater and cooling fan, you can save money by not running your heating/cooling systems as much.

With zone heating and cooling, you just heat the room you are in, letting you turn down your thermostat. This makes the room you 're in the perfect temperature for you, while the unoccupied rooms in your home can remain warmer or cooler. Dyson makes an extensive line of portable energy-efficient products that heat and cool your home. And many of them even include air purification features.

Finding energy-saving products for your home is becoming easier because so many consumers are realizing they can save money with them. And that demand increases availability and variety.  If you're interested in saving even more money and energy, sign up for NOPEC's Energy Connection newsletter to get great tips and ideas about energy efficiency.



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