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Energy Efficient Christmas Gifts!

By Mary on  December 1, 2016

I like to think of holiday shopping as a bit of an art. There are people like Grandma Shirley who search for gifts all year long and are done before it’s even time to cut the turkey in November. Happy mediums, who aren’t like Grandma, set a slow-but-steady pace once Black Friday hits. Then there are people, like Uncle Denny, who wait until the last minute to make their holiday purchases. From all of us at NOPEC, here’s a list of cool, energy-efficient gifts you can find in our online store for all of you Uncle Dennys out there. (Be sure to pass it on to Grandma Shirley when she starts all over on December 26th.) Just like it’s never too late to pick out gifts, it’s never too late to save energy.

 For the reading lover: Cut Your Energy Bills Now

               Written by Bruce Harley, this is the perfect gift for the energy-conscious bookworm this season. It boasts 150 ways to save money while making your home green and more comfortable. Chapters address topics from lighting to hot water to insulation. At a cheap $8.37 on our store’s webpage, it’s a book people can afford to read cover to cover.

 For the energy-efficient guy (who totally isn’t a scaredy-cat): Night Lights  

               Are you afraid of the dark? Do you get shivers down your spine when it’s time for “lights out”? Of course not. But, with a variety of items to choose from cheaper than 10 dollars, you can literally give the gift of (energy-efficient) light this holiday season—even if it’s totally for the environment and saving electricity. Yep. Totally. Zero phobias of the dark over here. But, to be safe, maybe get one for the upstairs and downstairs of the home. You know, because energy efficiency is important. And, if it keeps the monsters away, that’s cool, too.

 For the tech-savvy one in your family: Power Strips

               Every family has that one person who types on the computer while simultaneously listening to a song on an iPod, watching a movie and charging a cell phone at the same time. A good stocking stuffer this year is the TrickleStar Motion Sensor Power Strip. This device allows outlets to be automatically turned on when your tech-savvy loved one enters a room or a desk area and then turned off when he or she leaves. Belkin provides a different option and uses a unique off-timer element in its power strip. Let’s say your loved one forgets to turn off the desktop monitor he or she is using hours after typing on the computer. With the help of Belkin’s power strip, the timer can turn off the monitor and other items plugged in to reduce energy.

Want more ideas? Be sure to check out our featured money and energy saving kit items in our store each month.


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