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Combat the Cold with these 5 Tips

By Mary Ripley on  January 19, 2018

Winter weather is here.  It’s time to start thinking about ways to combat the cold, reduce drafts and stay toasty warm this winter without breaking the budget with increased energy usage.

Here at NOPEC, we’ve come up with a list of tips to help you.

    • Set ceiling fans to run clockwise in the winter months: This will cause the warm air near the ceiling to be redistributed to lowers parts of the room.  Make sure to turn off the fan before you leave the room to continue saving money and electricity.
    • Weatherseal doors and windows: Weatherseals will help seal out drafts, dust and moisture around doors and windows.
    • Use a humidifier: When it’s cold outside, humidity will make you feel warmer so you can lower your thermostat temperature.
    • Install door sweeps to exterior doors:  Door sweeps help to reduce uncontrolled air infiltration, moisture, and dust.
    • Insulate outlets and wall switches – Electrical boxes behind wall switches and outlets generally penetrate into the wall cavity, which make them a potential source for air leakage.  Polyethelyn foam gaskets can be installed behind the plate covers to reduce drafts.

Leave a comment and share your tips on how you combat the cold at home.


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