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Ask Mr. NOPEC: What is the value in NOPEC for me?

By Mary Ripley on  April 15, 2017

The theory behind public aggregation is simple: By using bulk purchasing power, savings can be passed on to individual consumers. NOPEC operates as a governmental opt-out aggregation.  We use bulk-buying techniques to get competitively priced energy and then supply that power in the form of electricity and natural gas to our customers. By joining together, consumers in NOPEC communities gain the ability to utilize a team of experienced professionals to negotiate for better prices and protections.  NOPEC ensures that communities have a voice in determining that future market changes benefit consumers.  Large groups of communities such as NOPEC enjoy substantial leverage in making these determinations. NOPEC's first priority is to save you money by helping to keep energy rates low.  But we are also increasingly involved in educating NOPEC members on ways to save on their energy usage through our ongoing outreach efforts. NOPEC spends time in member communities through our Community Outreach Program, answering residents' questions and educating them about NOPEC and other energy-related topics.  NOPEC participates in community events, providing fun hands-on learning with our NOPEC Energy Bike.  We even help residents prevent unwanted door-to-door solicitors from knocking on their doors through our Do No Knock Program. Have a question for Mr. NOPEC?  Email


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