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Ask Mr. NOPEC: What is the Do Not Knock Registry?

By Mary Ripley on  August 21, 2017

The Do Not Knock Program, currently available in Warren, Tiffin, and Roaming Shores, helps prevent unwanted door-to-door salesmen.

How does it work? When solicitors request a permit from the community to be able to sell door-to-door, the community will provide them with the Do Not Knock Registry listing the addresses they are not allowed to go to. Residents on the registry will also receive a window cling to place near their front door to further notify solicitors that they are on the registry.

Why is this offered? We've noticed an increase of confusing energy offers from unwanted door-to-door solicitors affecting our member communities' residents. To help provide a solution, NOPEC is working with communities to implement a Do Not Knock registry for their residents.

What if a for-profit solicitor knocks anyway? If a for-profit solicitor still knocks on the door, ask what organization they are with and request identification. If you feel they are in violation of the Do Not Knock Registry, contact your local government or city hall to report them. And remember, never give anyone salesmen a copy of your energy bills.

Does the registry prevent all solicitors? No. While adding your name to the registry will keep most for-profit solicitors away, non-profit organizations are still allowed to knock on the door.

How long does it take after signing up until my name is on the registry? Your name will appear on your community's Do Not Knock Registry within 30 days of signing up. We provide an updated list of participants to your community each month.

What communities is the Do Not Knock Registry available in? The Do Not Knock Registry is currently available in Warren, Tiffin, and Roaming Shores.

How do I sign up? To sign up for the Do Not Knock Registry or for more information, visit

What if it's not offered in my community? Contact your local community leaders and let them know you want to join NOPEC's Do Not Knock Registry.      


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