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6 Energy Efficiency Tips for Manufacturing and Warehouses

By NOPEC on  March 18, 2019

The industrial sector in the U.S. represents more than one-third of the country’s total energy consumption, with manufacturing plants spending more than $200 billion every year to power facilities. However, manufacturers and warehouses could see huge savings on their energy bills by taking greater measures toward energy efficiency. To make your manufacturing plant and warehouses more energy efficient and less expensive to run, here are six ways to save energy.


Schedule Smarter

One of the best ways to save electricity in a manufacturing plant and warehouse is to reduce peak demand. Peak hours are when electricity is most in demand, thus driving up the price of electricity. Peak times occur during the daytime, with electricity prices typically the highest in the afternoon. Consider scheduling more workers for third shift during off-peak hours late at night and early in the morning to cut costs on your electric bill.


Optimize HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are responsible for maintaining air quality and comfort on the production floor. Many variables, such as age and design, can affect how efficiently your HVAC system performs. Regularly maintaining your HVAC and cleaning filters can help keep your HVAC system running efficiently. If your HVAC is old, it might be more cost effective to replace it with a newer model. Additionally, running fans can help circulate air generated by your HVAC system, reducing its energy usage and costs.


Control Temperature

Insulation helps control the temperature in your manufacturing plant and warehouse, so cool air and heat doesn’t escape. Install insulation for the roof and walls to reduce the cost of running your HVAC system. Additionally, smart thermostats can further help regulate the temperature in your manufacturing plant and warehouse.


Check Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors use up a lot energy and money. It’s important to maintain upkeep on your air compressors and ensure there aren’t any leaks. One leak can cost your business $500 or more per year. For even more energy savings, see whether your compressors can operate effectively at lower pressure. A reduction of 14.5 psi can save 7 percent on your energy bill.


Turn Off Machinery

Have you ever seen the conveyor belt running with no one using it? Constantly running unused machines during business hours is a huge waste of both energy and money. Remind your employees to turn off machinery, equipment, computers, and lighting when it’s not in use. For lighting, automated systems and motion detectors can further help control energy usage.


Switch to LED Lighting

Although LED lights are costlier upfront, compared to fluorescent bulbs, the lifespan of LEDs will save you big money in the long term. Most fluorescent bulbs last about 8,000 hours, compared to the 25,000-hour lifetime of LEDs. That’s more than three fluorescent bulbs for every LED. Not to mention, LED lights use way less electricity, running about 30 percent more efficiently than fluorescent lights.

Mantaline Corporation, a producer of elastomeric products, for example, was able to make the switch to LEDs through NOPEC’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) energy efficiency financingMantaline used the funds to upgrade the lighting in their Hiram, Ohio, facility, allowing them to save approximately $19,000 annually in energy savings and maintenance costs.


Energy Efficiency Financing

Making changes to your lighting, heating, and machinery use can make a big difference to your energy bills. Need financing to help your facility or warehouse become more energy efficient? NOPEC’s PACE loan program allows commercial property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvement projects by offering low interest rates. Learn more about the benefits of a PACE loan, so you can start saving on industrial energy costs.


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