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4 Ways to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave

By Audrianna Modon on  July 18, 2019

When temperatures get this high, you want to collapse in front of the A/C right? We know it’s tempting, but there are other ways to beat the heat! Following these four tips will help you stay cool and will help your city manage the amount of energy demand they face during heat waves. You may have received and email or letter from the city requesting reduced energy use during specific hours of this weekend. Peak energy use hours are typically from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays during the summer. Reducing your energy use during these times can help prevent the city or municipality from having to use “brown-outs” which cut off power to one section of the city at a time to prevent a city-wide black-out. 

Give Your Vents Some Room

Make sure that none of your air vents are blocked by furniture and start cooling early in the day. It takes less energy to keep a house at a cool temperature than to cool it down once it’s warm. Blocking off too many vents could also cause the A/C unit to freeze.

Close Your Windows and Draw the Curtains

Keep your blinds or curtains closed during the day and keep the cool air in. Light-colored blinds and curtains help reflect the sunlight, so it does not heat your home. It may be tempting to bring in fresh air through the window during the day, but unless you have a shaded porch to draw air through, you are only bringing in the warm air and making you’re A/C unit work harder.

Stay Breezy

Keep air circulating with ceiling or portable fans. This lets your A/C have a break while keeping you cool. On average, if you turn on a fan, you can raise your thermostat 4 degrees while maintaining the same comfort level.

Cook Outside

Enjoy some family time and BBQ. Using an oven not only requires a lot of energy but will also heat up your kitchen.

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