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3 Little-Known Ways NOPEC Looks Out for You

By Mary on  November 8, 2017

NOPEC is a not-for-profit council of northeast Ohio governments. It was created after Senate Bill 3 was passed in 1999 allowing communities to aggregate to purchase energy. NOPEC’s bread and butter is negotiating fair and stable electricity and natural gas rates for its members, but we also contribute more than you may have realized to our communities.

Advocate for Fair Laws


Private, for-profit energy suppliers are usually focused on short-term profits. Their positions on regulations and laws are likely to be influenced by their interests in their bottom lines. NOPEC, on the other hand, is a not-for-profit public aggregation of local governments with no goal other than delivering savings and stability to the consumers it represents. We’re concerned with a long-term approach to the energy market as well as short-term savings. We represent the interests of consumers and participate in hearings and legislative discussions that may affect energy costs.

Protect Consumers from Unfair Charges

You may remember the record low temperatures reached in the winter of 2015 because of the polar vortex. For many in Ohio, staying warm that winter meant getting hit for the extra cost by their electricity provider.

Because of the sub-zero temperatures, Ohio residents used more electricity than energy providers expected. The non-profit that manages the electricity grid, PJM Interconnection, had to order reserve power to meet electricity demands. PJM Interconnection passed the cost on to electricity providers like FirstEnergy Solutions. FirstEnergy then imposed a surcharge on residential and small business customers to cover the additional cost.

NOPEC customers, however, were spared the surcharge. NOPEC was able to negotiate a stronger contract with FirstEnergy than individual consumers — one that does not allow additional charges. This saved our members a cumulative $7.5 million in 2015.

Help Consumers Make Good Energy Choices

myNOPEC helps consumers save on energy

We want consumers to be informed about energy consumption. Taking steps toward energy conservation and energy efficiency can save consumers money and help reduce CO2 emissions and preserve natural resources.

We created myNOPEC to help our members learn more about their energy consumption and find ways to use less energy. The interactive tip house, which anyone can access, provides energy-saving strategies for each season.

NOPEC is also involved in our communities, taking the NOPEC  energy bike to local libraries and community events to start a dialogue about energy. The energy bike demonstrates how much energy it takes to power common household appliances.

NOPEC is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We regularly post about energy tips and community events. Plus, you can check out our blog posts at, where you can read about energy-saving tips throughout the year, easy DIY projects and other fun energy-related posts.



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