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2019 Smart Home Energy Efficiency Trends

By NOPEC on  April 1, 2019

If you’re not living in a smart home, then you’re not living in 2019. Gone are the days of wasted energy and inconvenience. Smart home devices are increasingly helping homeowners become more energy efficient and save money on utility bills, while enjoying modern perks. Here are some of the top energy efficiency trends you’ll see in smart homes in 2019.

Charging Stations

Smartphones are already an integral part of your lives. Now, they’re going to be integrated in your homes, as well. Between your smartphone, tablets, wireless headphones, you name it, when you have so many devices to charge, they can take up outlets that you want to use for other purposes. Charging stations and wall outlets with USB connections solves this issue, and more homeowners are taking advantage of it.

Water Monitors

Feel like your money is literally going down the drain? Smart water monitors, such as showerheads, faucets, and sprinkler controllers, can be great ways to save water. Low-flow smart showerheads and faucets help with water conservation, and some will even store the hot water until you’re ready for it. Smart sprinklers can further save water by allowing you to customize watering schedules to prevent over-watering and can connect to weather data to adjust the schedule, so you don’t water your garden when rain is on the way.

Door Security

Smart locks revamp the traditional deadbolt front door lock by adding a Wi-Fi connection to it, allowing homeowners to monitor and control locks from their phones. Forget to lock the front door? Done. Not home in time to let a guest in? Send them a temporary lock code.

Smart doorbells can add another security measure to your door. This smart home device has video cameras that allow you to see who’s at your door from your smartphone or tablet. Many of them even feature two-way audio. Not home to receive a package? You can give instructions to delivery people about what to do with your shipment.

Upgraded Appliances

Dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, and dryers—these appliances use up lots of energy. Upgrading your appliances to more energy efficient models can help streamline tasks, while saving money on energy.

Ever forget about food in the microwave and have to reheat it (again)? Smart microwaves can be controlled from your smartphone and will send alerts when your food is ready. Smart dishwashers, washers, and dryers save money and give you more control by allowing you to start cycles from your phone, run during off-peak hours, and monitor performance.

Temperature Control

Especially in Ohio, it’s not unlikely that you’ll experience a range of temperatures throughout the day. These drastic changes to your thermostat can seriously rack up your energy costs. That’s why more homes are switching to smart thermostats. This smart home device allows you to adjust heating and cooling temperatures through a smartphone or tablet. Energy efficient features include programming preferred temperatures, developing an automated schedule (like turning the heat down at night), and providing energy usage data.

Voice Assistants

Voice control is becoming more popular than ever—and for good reason. It’s super convenient. Forget to shut off the lights before you sit down? Turning off lights is an easy way to save energy, yet many of us would rather leave them on instead of get up to turn them off. Rather than waste energy, your smart speaker can turn them off for you. Of course, you can also control other connect devices through a smart speaker, so you can play your favorite music or shop online for groceries.

If your utility bills are continuing to increase, consider investing in energy-saving smart home devices to help you save money. Want more ways to save energy? Sign up for NOPEC’s Energy Connection newsletter to receive energy saving tips and changes to win smart home technology.

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