What are NOPEC's Electric and Natural Gas Prices?

By Mary Ripley on  March 16, 2017

One of the easiest ways to find out NOPEC's Electric and Natural Gas prices is to go to our pricing pages on our website at www.nopecinfo.org under the Energy Solutions Tab.  Or, you can click here for Electric Pricing and click here for Natural Gas Pricing. On our pricing pages, you can select if you are looking for residential or commercial pricing. Then select your utility company. It's that easy!

Electric Pricing Page Graphic

*Rates indicated above are used for demonstrative purposes only and may not reflect current rates. To check NOPEC's current pricing, go to nopecinfo.org.

Calculate Your Savings

If you aren't already a NOPEC customer, fill out the calculate your savings section on the pricing pages.  Make sure to have your current electric or natural gas bill available.  This will compare your current rate to NOPEC's rate.  Find out how much you could save!

Electric Saving Graphic

To check pricing by phone, call our customer care line at 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC01).


NOPEC announces Rockin’ on the River sponsorship

By Mary Ripley on  March 13, 2017

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is the title sponsor of the 2017 Rockin’ on the River concert series. Located in Lorain, Ohio, at Black River Landing, Rockin’ on the River is Northeast Ohio’s longest-running and highest-attended outdoor concert series. “NOPEC is proud to lend its support to this outstanding summer-long series of family-friendly, affordable entertainment,” said David Gillock, Mayor of North Ridgeville and the Lorain County representative on the NOPEC Board of Directors. “Our commitment exemplifies NOPEC’s mission to serve and enhance the quality of life for our member communities and their residents.” NOPEC is the largest governmental retail energy aggregation in the United States,serving more than 800,000 residential and commercial electricity and natural gas customers in 200+ member communities. In addition to providing reliable, stable and lower energy costs, NOPEC also offers additional benefits to member communities and their residents in the form of energyefficiency grants, energy conservation education, ongoing consumer advocacy efforts and local support for community events like Rockin’ on the River. Rockin’ on the River concerts are held Friday evenings throughout the summer with some special Saturday night concerts scheduled. National, regional and local artists perform a variety of music from classic rock to country and pop. To check out Rockin’ on the River’s 2017 summer line-up, go to www.rockinontheriver.com.


Tips to Save in March

By Mary Ripley on  March 1, 2017

Reduce your energy usage this month.  Check out these energy-saving tips for March.   Energy-Saving Tips for March


Does NOPEC offer a "green" electric product?

By Mary Ripley on  February 15, 2017

The electricity supplied by NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC (NESO) to the NOPEC electric aggregation in 2017 will contain 50 percent renewable energy credits. That supports the generation of power from clean energy sources.  All for no additional cost to our customers. Additionally, NOPEC is participating in the EarthEra program, meaning more than $10 million of NESO’s electricity sales revenue from NOPEC's 13 Northern Ohio counties will be used for the construction of NextEra Energy Resources renewable energy projects. Again, this is at no additional cost to NOPEC or our customers.


Last Minute "Green" Valentine's Gifts

By Mary Ripley on  February 13, 2017

When you're in a pinch for that perfect Valentine's Day gift, you might think your options are pretty limited. This year, don't feel like you have to be stuck buying a greeting card, flowers or balloons that will just end up in the trash within a couple weeks. Here's some eco-friendly ideas for last minute Valentine's Day gifts that will leave an impact on your loved one's heart, but won't leave an impact in our landfills.


Young happy couple celebrating Valentine's day with a dinner at home drinking wine, cheers.

They say the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach. Instead of trying to get a last minute reservation and spending 100s of dollars on a Valentine's dinner at a restaurant, have a romantic evening at home. Cooking your sweetie a meal at home shows that you're making the effort to keep them happy, and we all know there is nothing more romantic than that. Just imagine some shrimp scampi pasta and red wine for dinner that your Valentine whipped up by themselves. Top this off with some homemade heart-shaped brownies or red velvet cupcakes for dessert, and you have the perfect recipe for a romantic Valentine's Day. Here are some great recipes to get you started for your Valentine's dinner, appetizers and even dessert. And don't forget to set the mood with your meal, too...save on some electricity by enjoying your dinner by candlelight! When dinner is over, instead of giving your Valentine a commercially bought gift that's impersonal and disposable, show your love with a wonderful gift from the heart like:

couple volunteering

1) Donating your time and money. Use Valentine's Day to strengthen your love as a couple by pledging to spend a free weekend or two volunteering at a local homeless shelter or food kitchen. Not only will you both feel good about helping out, you will strengthen your bond by showing your commitment as a couple to making your community a better place to live.

2) Keeping your love growing. Plant your sweetie's favorite flower, herb or plant in a jar to symbolize your love, and watch it grow! To do this, just line a wide mouth jar or pot with coffee beans or pebbles, add some topsoil and sprinkle in seeds of your Valentine's favorite plant. Attach a cute little saying like “wanna be startin' something” or “till the end of thyme”.

3) Making a jar of love. Get a decorative jar, glass or other container that you think your sweetie will like. Cut strips of thick paper and write on each one a reason that you love them. Put the reasons in the jar and close with either a lid or tied piece of burlap. They will have a gift that reminds them each time they look inside why you were meant to be together.

Jewelry red gift box

4) Buying vintage jewelry. We know that jewelry is a staple of Valentine's Day. But there's no need to spend tons of money on a brand new piece of jewelry that you'll pay premium dollar for. Go to your local, non-franchised jewelry store. Ask to see what they have available in estate or vintage jewelry. Not only will these pieces be cheaper, they are unique. You can get a pair of dapper cuff-links from the 1940s or a gorgeous bombshell necklace from the 1950s. The best part is that your Valentine will never be able to find these gifts on anyone else. It's truly a gift that's as unique and special as they are.


Shop Valentine's Gifts with myNOPEC Rewards Points

By Mary Ripley on  February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day is just days away. Still, need to get a gift for your Valentine? Why not shop at the myNOPEC Rewards Store using your rewards points?

cinemark tickets

Take your Valentine to the movies

Cinemark Movie Tickets: myNOPEC Rewards Points - 11,000 Get 4 Platinum Supersaver Tickets valid for any movie at Cinemark Theaters.  

For the Valentine that likes to cook


Hamilton Beach Induction Portable Cooktop:  myNOPEC Rewards Points - 16,000 Induction cooking is a safer, faster and more energy-efficient way to cook. The cooktop saves electricity by heating only the diameter of the pan or pot you are using. This cooktop is perfect for apartments and other small spaces and heats up to 40% faster than a stovetop. The Hamilton Beach Induction Portable Cooktop has an easy-to-read digital display, 6 heat settings, a timer and a safety lock feature.

  crock pot

Hamilton Beach 6 qt. Programmable Insulated Slow Cooker :  myNOPEC Rewards Points - 13,000 Using a slow cooker saves more than just your time (though that’s important!). Did you know that using a slow cooker for 8 hours uses about a third of the energy as using an oven for an hour? This 6 qt. programmable slow cooker from Hamilton Beach is simple to program and comes with a nonstick aluminum insert pan. Plus, the base is insulated, so it won’t burn your hands.

  french press

Hamilton Beach French Press with Cocoa Attachment: myNOPEC Rewards Points - 9,000 Make delicious coffee, tea or cocoa easily with this hassle-free French Press There’s no need for electricity or filters. The cocoa attachment makes rich, frothy hot or iced chocolate drinks. All parts are dishwasher safe. Includes a 1-liter glass pitcher.  

Other Gift Ideas


Datexx Sentina Outback -Rechargeable LED Lamp: myNOPEC Rewards Points - 6,000 Keep cell phones and other USB devices charged and light your way at the same time with this rechargeable LED lamp and USB port. With a commercial grade crank, as long as you can turn the crank, you can never run out of power! Includes AC adaptor, USB cord and one Razr power tip.  This lamp would be great for those that like to camp or keep it in the car to charge your cell phone or use if you have car trouble.


$25 Home Depot Gift Card: myNOPEC Rewards Points - 5,000 Use your rewards points for a Home Depot Gift Card.  You could give the gift card as a gift or use it to go shopping for your Valentine. Log in to myNOPEC and start shopping.  Don't have a myNOPEC account?  Sign up for a free account and start earning points today at www.nopecinfo.org/myNOPEC.


February's Energy-Saving Tips

By Mary Ripley on  February 1, 2017

Check out these tips to save on energy this February.

Februaru Energy Saving Tips


What do I need to know about door-to-door energy sales?

By Mary Ripley on  January 16, 2017

**This was originally posted on October 15, 2016.  But we've been getting a lot of questions about it so here it is again.

What do I need to know about door-to-door energy sales?

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re seated around the table with your family eating dinner and there’s a knock at the door.  When you answer it, there’s a salesman telling you he has a great deal on an energy plan.  He asks to see a copy of your most recent electric or natural gas bill so he can compare his rates with what you are currently getting.  What do you do?  Do you show him your bill? The answer to this is:  Never, EVER, give someone a copy of your energy bill if they knock on your door requesting to see it. The truth is, energy offers, whether in the mail, on the phone or in person by door-to-door solicitors can be really confusing.  It is very hard to compare two offers because there are so many variables in the terms and conditions that can greatly affect how good of an offer you really are getting. NOPEC takes a long-term approach to energy rates and doesn’t offer a low intro-rate for signing up only to raise the rates a few months later when the intro period ends.   We don’t use gimmicks to trick residents into signing up with us.  NOPEC customers know they are purchasing energy that is consistently priced as one of the lowest in the market.  To find out more about the different energy products NOPEC offers, check out this recent blog post about our new electric program.  We also make it easy to compare electric and natural gas rates to NOPEC's rates on our pricing pages. So the next time a door-to-door energy salesman comes knocking on your door, be prepared with this list of questions that you should ask before signing up with a new company.

BEWARE of door to door energy sales


Save Money with these Energy-Saving Tips for January

By Mary Ripley on  January 9, 2017

January Energy Saving Tips


Tips for success with the Top 3 New Year's Resolutions

By Mary Ripley on  January 2, 2017

It's that time of year to make your list of resolutions in pursuit of a better 2017! Whether your list is short or long, the most important part is being able to stick to it. Over 75% of resolutions are abandoned within 3 months. So in order to keep you on goal, we've come up with some great tips for successfully sticking to 3 top New Year's resolutions. Here's to a great New Year!


Have a plan.

This sounds fairly simple, but can be harder to implement than it sounds. If your plan is “to lose weight”, you're going to fail. If you make your goal unachievable, you're going to fail. Have a simple and specific goal like “lose 10 pounds before March 1st”. From there, progress on, and make new, attainable goals as you go.

Man and Woman in kitchen cutting up veggies

Eat fresh.

This seems like a no-brainer, but eating healthy and fresh in today's world can be challenging. Instead of eating prepared from package meals, opt for fresh ingredients that don't necessarily need cooked. Salads, nuts, hummus and gazpacho are great choices for healthy meals and snacks that also help detox your system. And as an added bonus, just imagine how much energy you could save by eating raw, unprocessed foods and not cooking every meal.  Plus, you'll cut down on your energy usage. Exercise. You don't need to run a marathon in order to stay healthy by exercising. All you need to do to burn more calories is to move more. Whether your current activity level is nil or active, you can always step it up. So turn off that TV, get up and get moving!


Save on your energy bills.

We all know that cutting down on your energy consumption is one of the best ways to save money. Electric, gas, water … it seems daunting to know where to even start though. Start with one utility and once you've whittled down that bill to where you feel comfortable, move on to the next. For some great tips on how to save on your electricity bill, check here.

Make a budget.

Budgeting is the easiest way to stay on track with your saving goals. One important thing to keep in mind when crafting a budget is to try and make cuts across the board, instead of eliminating categories. For instance, if you think your entertainment budget is too high, don't nix it altogether. If you feel like you're depriving yourself of important things like fun, you're more likely to think that staying on budget is too difficult and just abandon it altogether.


Work-life balance.

America's 21st century family is working more. Whether it's working at one paying job, spending time on side projects or even working multiple paying jobs, Americans have less “free time” than ever. Before you commit to taking on more responsibility in the new year, weigh if and how this will impact your family life.

Father and Son Hiking


With so many entertainment options for the modern family, it can be overwhelming. There are computers, TVs, video games, movies, streaming services, tablets, smartphones and much more. Add in the new forms of social media being launched every day... We've become a plugged-in nation, depending on technology for our day-to-day lives. If you want to connect with your family more, just unplug. Turn off those TVs and smartphones and go outside. Take a hike, go for a drive, talk to each other and reconnect. You can even end up saving a bunch of money on your energy bills if you designate one night a week to turn off all the devices and have family time where you can play board games, read together or craft.

Make it a team effort.

Instead of tackling tasks all by yourself, involve your family. You can all cook, clean or do yard work together. Not withstanding the fact that work will be made much easier with more people, it's also a great time to bond, talk about your day and to instruct kids on responsibility and the importance of teamwork. Do you have a New Year's Resolution we didn't cover?  Let us know in the comments what it is and if you have any tips for sticking to it.